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Owner managed by Natalia Piletskaya, the passion and commitment of the Galaktika team provides 100% assurance to our clients that the seamless service delivered by our wholly owned Ovation offices will be consistently replicated in Russia.

Why Russia?

st petersburg russia

Russia is a country of vast landscapes, vibrant culture, artistic wealth, charming and engaging people.

  • An immense space measuring 9,000 kilometres from west to east and 5,000 from north to south, home to many different nationalities and customs.
  • Russia is often called a “bridge” between Europe and Asia, both geographically and sociologically.
  • From ancient times right up to the present day, Russia has been transforming itself, its boundaries and its culture. In ancient times, the Slavs, Finn tribes and Tatars made their way through Russia and this mix of nationalities and their traditions helped define the unique Russian character and culture.
  • On arrival to Russia by plane, one can see never-ending forests dotted with lakes.
  • Moscow’s gleaming little churches
  • St Petersburg’s impressive noble palaces represent the modern attributes of a capitalist world and the relics of communist times.
  • Russian streets are filled with stylish young people and elderly babushkas, it is this contrast and constant change which makes Russia such a dynamic destination buzzing with energy and with so much to see and explore…

Sample Programmes

Check out our selection of sample meeting and incentive programmes in Russia to see how you can make the most out of your trip to Russia.

St Petersburg – 2 Night Meeting
Russia – 5 Night Incentive

Moscow Fam trip (via BBT Online)

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For all enquiries please contact Natalia Piletskaya  in Galaktika, Ovation’s Strategic Partner in Russia.



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