Why France?

France has everything. It has Paris of course but not only…France, also has sandy beaches, mountains, big cities, and vast countryside. Our country offers a variety of destinations with a mixture of local flavors and age-long cultures.

  • Paris is ranked as one of the top five most visited cities in the world. Within the span of one day, you can look at thousands of years of history, board a romantic cruise, shop, visit museums, eat delicious meals, see iconic monuments such as Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, or Montmartre, look at contemporary art throughout the city.
  • France has a long and rich history. Indeed, the country counts 49 sites listed on Unesco’s World Heritage.
  • A journey in France is also an opportunity to scent the French “Art de Vivre” and have a taste of the famous French gastronomy.
  • What is a meal without a good glass of wine? The country is renowned worldwide for the excellence of its vineyards which offer breathtaking landscapes and delicious tasting.
  • With almost 10 000 museums and exhibition sites all around the country, culture and art are intrinsically French.
  • Coco Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Jean-Paul Gautier, Hermès, Louis Vuitton… France is irrefutably the capital of fashion: creation, luxury, and arts & crafts.

With an office in Paris, Ovation France offers local knowledge and expertise combined with the strength of Ovation Global DMC’s worldwide presence to deliver superior incentive and corporate meeting programmes for national and international customers.

Ovation France is a dedicated team of hospitality experts who intimately understand the unique power of meetings, incentives, conferences and events to deliver on corporate objectives.

With nearly 35 years of MICE experience between the three members of the Ovation France team, our clients know they can count on a solid, committed team with a thorough knowledge of the French offering.

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Come and be Inspired by France

“Thank you so much for all the time you dedicated to our event, listening to our crazy requests and the outstanding service you provided to our guests. We truly appreciate all you did, especially adding Omaha Beach so last minute. I know the full group had and amazing time.”

Kristin Wrobbel, Baird.

Our Team

Mathilde Tissot | Director

With more than 15 years in the MICE industry, and particularly in the Tech and Hackathons sector, Mathilde has solid experience in Destination Management Companies. Curious and attentive by nature, Mathilde travels the world, keeps an eye on trends, and pays attention to details. A local expert and fine negotiator, she willingly shares her knowledge of destinations with clients to build them the best proposals while respecting their aspirations and budget.

Clémentine Drapeau | Project Manager

With over a decade of experience in the MICE industry, Clémentine is curious and eagerly aware of new trendy spots. In love with France, with a natural predilection for gastronomy and wine, Clementine is willing to share her joie-de-vivre and create lifetime memories for her clients. Proud of what France has to offer, she assures that any project in her hands goes beyond expectations and with Clémentine, a word is a word!

Delphine Lombard | Project Manager

She has been organizing events for a decade, ranging from pharmaceutical group gatherings to incentives and leisure trips, both in France and around the world. She truly relishes her work which consistently provides her with opportunities to encounter remarkable experiences, meet intriguing individuals and promote her native country and its capital city.

Léna Kind | Project Manager Assistant

With a Bachelor's in Event Project Management and currently pursuing a Master's in Tourism and Event Management through a work-study program. She is passionate about piano and a travel enthusiast from a young age. She thrives on exploring the world, embarking on adventures, and discovering new places. Always in pursuit of experiences, she's excited to join our team and create unforgettable memories for you!

Contact France

Mathilde Tissot

25 Rue Anatole France 92300 Levallois Perret, France


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