Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka?

Imagine a trip that is everything you have ever wished for; the places you have dreamed of visiting, the activities you always wanted to do. Where, when, how and what… all are yours to decide.


  • With eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, and plenty of National Parks, Sri Lanka has unique wildlife experiences wherever you go.
  • The beaches in Sri Lanka are undeniably beautiful, though what’s even better is enjoying these spectacular beaches without the crowds. Often you’ll find yourself completely alone
  • Dive with blue whales in season or watch spinner dolphins leap about in Kalpitiya. Sri Lanka also has 5,800 wild elephants ambling about and the biggest concentration of leopards in the world.
  • Plenty of new hotels have opened in recent years, including a handful of beach resorts

Through its Strategic Partner Programme, Ovation is pleased to work with Golden Isle Travels Ltd. Owner managed by industry veteran Paddy Paul who brings over 30 years of global travel and tourism industry experience, the team at Golden Isle has the insight and the know-how to understand your programme objectives.

Golden Isle Travels will help to realise your event goals with a tailor-made programme of unique experiences or ‘quests’. It is our quest to provide you with a travel experience to treasure.



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Take a look at our sample incentive programme in Sri Lanka to find out how you can make the most of your trip to this gem of the sub-continent.

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Paddy Paul

Galadari Hotel, M-7 Mezzanine Floor, 64 Lotus Road, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka


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