Why Cuba?

Different reasons convert Cuba in a true MICE destination.

  •  It has good warm weather all year round
  • It is a cultural destination. History, revolution and nostalgia configure the identity of this destination
  • One of the safest countries in LATAM
  • In Cuba, today it is still a journey to the past (classic cars, barely shopping, little Wi-fi, old buildings with great architecture)
  • Tourist destination prepared for the MICE business
  • Very educated and friendly people
  • It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean
  • Local products of distinction: rum, tobacco, coffee, salsa
  • Caribbean mood: friendliness & happiness
  • Art spread throughout the island: painters, musicians, dancers, writers,

Through its Strategic Partner Programme Ovation Global DMC is pleased to work with Enjoy Cuba MICE, a Cuban DMC with 17 years of history.

Creative, responsive and geared to detail. It’s a combination of Caribbean soul and perfectionist stamina that makes the operation successful, with long term loyal clients.


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Our clients have arrived after a wonderful stay in Cuba. We have received very good feedback. The warm welcome at the airport was perfect; they really appreciated the presence of your team there. They were very pleased with accommodations, transportation and guide. They brought many souvenirs. In general, they were very satisfied with all the services and they will recommend us to people they know. We want to thank you all for a perfectly planned tour. We have decided to open a new group and we count on you to help us to organize every detail in Cuba.

Habanico Travel

Contact Cuba

Jordi Castelló

Calle 19, No.407, e/G y F, Vedado


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