Czech Republic

Why Czech Republic?

Those seeking to acquaint themselves with one of the most beautiful European countries should not miss the Czech Republic.

  • The country’s main advantage is the diverse wealth of culturalhistorical and natural places of interest. These are all concentrated in a relatively small space and supported by impressive accommodation and dining facilities.
  • Thanks to its location in the centre of Europe, the Czech Republic has long been an important crossroads of trade and culture.
  • The capital Prague is a city of high standards and rich heritage. Often called “Golden” or “Hundred-spired”, Prague belongs to the network of architecturally unique European cities, attractive for tourists from around the world. Visitors find themselves enjoying a living museum of European architecture from Romanesque time to the present.
  • The social life is rich as well – not just in Prague and the country’s other larger cities, but also in Bohemian and Moravian spas.
  • Very famous is the so-called “Bath Triangle” which consists of world famous spas visited in the past by such musical luminaries as A. Dvořák, J.S.Bach and W.A.Mozart.

Ovation Czech Republic DMC forms part of Ovation Global DMC the International Destination Management Company offering consistent, seamless, world-class DMC services in multiple destinations located across all continents.

The team at Ovation Czech Republic DMC are destination experts and intimately understand the unique power of meetings, incentives, conferences and events to deliver on corporate objectives. The local team’s expert destination knowledge combined with the strength of Ovation Global DMC ensures the highest standards of service.

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Our Team

Sylvie Neves | Managing Director

Sylvie is the maestro of the Ovation symphony in the Czech Republic. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Sylvie orchestrates the team’s efforts to deliver exceptional experiences. Her leadership is characterized by a blend of professionalism and a touch of whimsy, ensuring that every project is not only successful but also a joy to undertake.

Helena Samova | Project Manager

Helena is the creative powerhouse behind our most innovative events. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks with grace and her knack for thinking outside the box make her an invaluable asset. Helena’s projects are like her handmade cushions: meticulously designed, beautifully executed, and always leaving clients craving for more.

Natmir Ziberi | Project Manager

Natmir is another one of our aces who brings a fresh perspective and unbridled enthusiasm to every endeavour. His approach is a blend of analytical prowess, anticipation and infectious energy, which ensures that every event is not just planned to perfection but also executed with a palpable zest that’s unmistakably Natmir.

Martina Turnova | Project Manager

The newest addition to our team, Martina, brings fresh perspectives and innovative concepts to the table, turning ideas into spectacular realities. She is the go-to lady for making the impossible possible! Her passion for excellence and collaborative spirit make her a valuable asset to the team.

Janka Stastkova | Accounting Manager

Janka, the guardian of our finances, manages the numbers with the precision of a Swiss watch. As our Accountant, she ensures that every penny is accounted for and that our financial health is as robust as our event portfolio. Janka’s fun yet professional demeanour makes even the most mundane financial tasks seem like a piece of cake.

Contact Czech Republic

Sylvie Neves

Andel Park Smichov, Karla Englise 3201/6, 150 00 Prague 5 – Czech Republic


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