Why Peru?

Peru is one of the most diverse countries on the planet.

  • An unimaginable country, from the seashores to the highlands and deep jungles. Feel and connect all your senses in a trip of nature, flavors and ancient culture
  • Connectivity – Peru is one of the main gates of South America; in fact, Lima is the hub on the Pacific side of South America
  • Ancient towns – located in the middle of the Andean valleys preserving the Inca’s heritage on textiles, agriculture, dances, language, and clothing. Walking through the paths, you can feel the footprints of the local ancestors
  • Gastronomy – Peru holds a huge variety of climates, cultures and races. This evolves into one of the most renowned Gastronomy of the world. Being the World´s Leading Culinary Destination in the World Travel Awards for the last 5 years
  • A must-see is of course Machu Picchu – Ancient, enigmatic and beautiful. Either trekking for 4 days or taking one of the world´s most luxurious trains, this is a lifetime experience
  • Hotels and World Class Suppliers – Marriott, Belmond, Swissotel and other international brands have invested in our country. However, you will be amazed by our Relais & Châteaux properties or our local hotel brands, trains, restaurants and so much more
  • History – Peru has more than 5,000 years of history and you will become an eyewitness in every city or destination you will visit
  • Peru will be an amazing surprise, plus your event will go beyond expectations. Imagine yourself here!

Peru, just wow! An important and key Strategic Partner in Peru for Ovation Global DMC. Peru is a pure gem and should surely be considered as a top event destination.

Ovation Peru DMC, VIPAC, has been delivering amazing experiences in Peru for over 40 years. Personalized service, operational excellence, creativity and pure efficiency positions us as a leader in Latin America. VIPAC offers a collection of experiences in Peru through personalized and bespoke programs, stunning incentive travel, breathtaking routes and dream events. The aim and purpose is to create unique and unforgettable moments.



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