Why Peru?

Peru is a very far away hidden treasure that it is actually not so far.

  • Peru is Socially, Politically and Economically Stable.
  • Connectivity – Peru is one of the main gates of South America; in fact, Lima is the hub on the Pacific side of South America.
  • Living Culture – Meet people with a direct heritage of their Inca ancestors, proudly speaking Quechua, the language of the Incas. An extremely polite, peaceful, helpful and smiling culture where you will be glad to be immersed in.
  • Gastronomy – Peru holds a huge variety of climates, cultures and races. This evolves into one of the most renowned Gastronomy of the world. Being the World´s Leading Culinary Destination in the World Travel Awards for the last 5 years.
  • There is Machu Picchu – Ancient, enigmatic and beautiful. Either trekking for 4 days or taking one of the world´s most luxurious trains, this is a lifetime experience.
  • Hotels and World Class Suppliers – Starwood, Belmond, Swissotel and some other international brands have invested in our country. However, you will be amazed by our Relais & Châteaux properties or our local hotel brands, trains, restaurant and others.
  • History – Peru has more than 5,000 years of history where you will be eyewitness in every city or destination you will visit.
  • Peru will be a glad surprise, it always go beyond expections.

A key and important strategic partner in Peru for Ovation Global DMC. Peru is a pure gem and should surely be considered as a top event destination.

Ovation Peru DMC aim to achieve the highest standards of quality in customer service as well as delivering all your projects with an experienced and motivated team, dedicated just for you and your needs.

Our local team creates, plans, produces and delivers each project with a delicate and professional attention to every single detail. Our endeavour is always to optimise your results, your time and your resources.

A boutique treatment to your project to deliver that WOW factor and that motivational experience we all need in this business to overcome the fence every year.

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Rutger Hoorn | VP Global Sales & Strategic Partnerships


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