India is the land of rich culture & heritage, picturesque natural landscapes, magnificent historical landmarks, and delectable cuisines. To add to that, it has become a burgeoning destination for meetings and incentives in recent times.​

  • From ancient traditions and artistic heritage, India is a land of remarkable diversity & heartwarming hospitality.
  • India satiates the thirst for the world’s best remnants including 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • India offers everything from Forts & Palaces, Mountains & Beaches to Safaris & Spirituality, Yoga & Ayurveda. 
  • With exotic ingredients, tongue-tingling flavors, Indian cuisine uses a whole palette of flavors simultaneously.
  • India is well connected with all major airports around the world 
  • Experience the opulent charm of the royal architecture displayed in forts and palaces, now converted into hotels. 
  • Feel the “beauty in chaos” in the pulsating megalopolis of Delhi and Mumbai, a perfect blend of the magnificent past and thriving present of India.
  • Dine in epic, historic, venues that exude magnificence.

Ovation India offers a meeting destination that will ignite your curiosity, shake your senses and warm your soul

We create exotic, tailor-made, high-quality, business events, and of course incentive programmes that offer the most dynamic Indian experiences which are finely balanced between the traditional and modern. Ovation India DMC will give you a taste of unique and lavish India through its programmes. With an unparalleled combination of variety, top-notch hospitality, and professional destination management services, India presents the highest standards of luxury, comfort, and convenience.

What we do …

  • Flight Sourcing and Handling
  • Accommodation Sourcing & Management
  • Airport Transfers & Coaching
  • Venue Sourcing
  • High-end exclusive Group Activities
  • Event Delivery
  • Production Management with our in-house Production Team
  • Event Decoration & Theming
  • An in-house Creative Team to develop your Event Identity
  • Multi-lingual support in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

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Our Team

Samir Kalia | Managing Director

With over three decades of experience in the corporate world, Samir Kalia beams with in-depth knowledge and industry connections. Being a natural leader, his dedication and know-how inspires the team to offer the best that Ovation India has to offer.

Ruchi Mohotra I Business Unit Director

Ruchi Mohotra, is key personnel in growing the Ovation India business unit. With her vast experience in Travel & Tourism industry makes, Ruchi knows just what the clients need. Her goal is to build a strong and healthy relationship with the clients and offers them the most creative and unique solutions which make the experience memorable.

Sauvik Sarma I Client Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the event industry and managing social & corporate events, Sauvik adds dynamism to the team. Curating experiences and making a mundane idea into a memorable activity is one of his USPs.

Arijit Dhar I General Manager – Sales

Over 15 years of dedicatedly being a part of the M.I.C.E. industry, Arijit Dhar has experienced it all. Creating personalized itineraries making sure the guests have the best of times. Explore more, experience more, live more, is Arijit’s mantra to curate travel trips for groups and individuals.

Sagar Sharma I Director of Operations

Two decades of executing small, medium, and large-scale events have made Sagar Sharma one of the most experienced leads in the Operations division. With relationships panning from one corner to the other of the country, he is the go-to person to attain information of local flavors of any destination.

Anupam Sharma I Creative – Production Director

Bringing out and making the most of the creative juices for over 15 years, Anupam Sharma visualizes the most creative sets and designs. Understanding the taste of the clients and delivering to their expectations. Specializes in infusing technology with world-class designs.

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Ruchi Mohotra I Business Unit Director


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