Why Slovakia?

It’s Europe’s best-kept secret.

  • They are eager to show off their culture and share their love of their country.
  • The most spectacular scenery is found in the High TatraLow TatraLittle FatraPieninyand Slovak Paradise National Parks
  • Slovakia is studded with enchanted caves, twelve of which are accessible to the public.
  • It includes hundreds of centuries-old castlespalaces and churches, more than 300 castles alone!
  • Magical medieval towns abound with many well-preserved examples of wooden folk architecture
  • You have to visit the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Medzilaborce. His parents were born in Slovakia.
  • Four unique sites feature on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage: the Spiš Castle, the medieval towns of Bardejov and Banská Štiavnica, and the village of Vlkolínec
  • Slovak cuisine is a melting pot of influences from neighbouring AustriaCzech RepublicHungaryPoland and Ukraine.
  • The Bratislava region is famed for meat dishes in savoury sauces while hearty potato dishes and small dumplings served with sheep cheese and bacon are mountain favourites.
  • Wine production in Slovakia dates back hundreds of years. The historic cellars of the Carpathian area or Tokai region are popular choices for welcome receptions and gala dinners.

Through its Strategic Partner Programme Ovation Global DMC is pleased to work with ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC. Based in the Slovak capital of Bratislava, ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC presents a wide range of opportunities for meetings and incenitves centred in two Slovakia hubs; Bratislava and the Tatra Mountains.

Whichever your preferred location be assured that the enthusiasm and professionalism of the ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC team provide 100% assurance to our customers that the seamless service delivered by our wholly-owned Ovation offices will be consistently replicated in Slovakia.


“The corporate and Legal Affairs Conference is the biggest event on our calendar, with over 80 Directors from across our business coming together. Due to the seniority of our delegates, it was important that every aspect of the conference was delivered professionally and efficiently. Thanks for your support in advance of and throughout our trip to Bratislava, everything went exceptionally well. I have received lots of excellent feedback as a result of the smooth delivery on all aspects of the event”.

Fiona Dunny | Tesco Corporate Affairs Department.

Take a look at our sample meeting and incentive programmes in Slovakia to find out how you can make the most of your trip to Slovakia.

Contact Slovakia

Marek Farkas

Kollarova 16, 902 01 Pezinok (Bratislava Region), Slovakia


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