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Launched in 2009, Ovation Brazil DMC is a dedicated team of leading hospitality experts who intimately understand the unique power of meetings and events to deliver on corporate objectives. Based in São Paulo, Ovation Brazil operates high touch incentive and corporate meeting programs for national and international customers across the region.

Why Brazil?

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A melting pot of different cultures, colonised primarily by the Portuguese but with strong influences of the French, Dutch, Germans, Africans and Japanese, Brazil is a superb destination for meetings and incentives.

  • Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, behind Russia, Canada, China, and the U.S.A., with an area of eight and a half million square kilometres.
  • Despite its vast expanse of territory, Brazil’s population is concentrated in the major cities, mainly along its coast. The urban sprawls of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo dominate the southern coast.
  • Brazil is undergoing a very special and prosperous economic moment. It has strongly developed in several areas to become one of the countries which nowadays enormously raise the interest of investors and researchers. This situation has created the opportunity for the construction of a modern and adequate infrastructure for events and incentives.  Definitely, Brazil is ready to receive visitors from abroad.
  • With its passion for sports, Brazil has been blessed with the opportunity of hosting the two largest sporting events in the World: in 2014, the FIFA Soccer World Cup and in 2016 the Olympic and Para-Olympic Games.
  • The joy, humour and liveliness of the Brazilians, expressed in their music and artistic spirit, is topped by Carnival, four days that last almost a whole year! Rio de Janeiro has just been appointed as the happiest city in the world by Forbes!
  • Nature has also been very kind and special to Brazil and the Brazilians.  The great interior, much of which is covered by the rainforest basin of the Amazon, is said to be the “lungs of the world”, as it is one of the world’s largest rainforest ecologies.
  • Along the over 8,000 km coastline of the Atlantic Ocean are some of the most beautiful beaches ever seen by human eyes as well as some more famous like the legendary Copacabana.
  • Moving towards the south are the spectacular Iguassu Falls which aside from providing energy to most of the continent, present one of the most magnificent and never to be forgotten experiences.

In short, diversity allows Brazil to not just surprise the expectations of any audience but exceed them. Come and discover it for yourself!


Sample Programmes

Check out our sample meeting and incentive programmes to see how you can make the most of your trip to Brazil

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2 Night Meeting – São Paulo

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