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PASHA Travel is unique in Azerbaijan – the country’s only IATA and ISO-certified full-service Tourism and Destination Management Company that is also a member of ICCA. Serving its customers since 2003, PASHA Travel is part of PASHA Holding, a group of companies that is one the biggest, most dynamic and widely respected in Azerbaijan.

PASHA Travel has an extensive network within the country and is proud of collaborating with professional partners worldwide. With experience in depth, we offer Meetings Industry partners the full benefits of a customised 360-degree service catering to a full range of client needs and delivering the best possible experiences.


Why Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is likely to amaze you. And for all the right reasons: quality, value, style, reliability and an exciting element of the exotic.

  • At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, access is easy with direct flights from many cities in the EU, Central Asia, Russia and the Gulf.
  • The country is a model of stability that has reinvested much of its recently gained oil wealth on developing a sparkling, 21st-century infrastructure including sleek new roads, magnificent hotels and state-of-the-art congress and sports facilities.
  • The alluring capital, Baku, has been gaining a wider audience since 2016 as Formula 1 audiences glimpse its charms: the thrilling Grand Prix of Europe buzzes around the city streets passing grand, century-old Parisian-style apartments, a walled medieval core and a range of dazzling modernist architecture.
  • Baku’s parkland promenade sweeps around a limpid bay on the fabled the Caspian Sea.
  • At dusk look up to see a trio of 30-storey flame shaped skyscrapers apparently burning. Don’t panic – it’s only a light show.
  • Across town is one of the world’s great 21st-century landmarks, the Heydar Aliyev Centre, a crowning achievement in the stellar career of late, great architect Zaha Hadid.



Beyond Baku, there’s so much more to discover in this country of grand surprises.

  • A three-hour drive can take you from semi-desert to patchworked agricultural idylls, and pretty oak-woods to dramatic canyons and the soaring Caucasus Mountains.
  • Here you’ll find foothill villages that are some of Europe’s highest and several peaks that top 4000m.
  • Shahdag, Azerbaijan’s splendid ski resort, has a trio of lavish, conference-ready hotels which combine impeccable style and design flair with an unparalleled setting nestled amid the lower slopes of the dramatic Great Caucasus mountains.
  • Qabala, also a ski centre, has an international standard congress centre built for a heads-of-state summit meeting. And there’s a magnificent hotel-events complex near Quba fronting the national golf course.
  • A decade of experience has radically improved the service sector in the country’s inviting restaurants, Baku sports ever more quirky cafes and there’s a wide range of lively city pubs.
  • Visa rules have been radically simplified since 2017 and a repositioning of the currency means that prices in $ or Euro terms are barely half of what you’d have paid back in 2014.

With a hospitable, highly educated population, stunning new facilities and outstanding value for money, there’s never been a better time to consider Azerbaijan.


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Your contact at Pasha Travel, Ovation’s Strategic Partner in Azerbaijan is Bahruz Asgarov.



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