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Ovation Global DMC is a leading network of
Destination Management Companies providing
Best-in-class DMC services to associations,
corporations and agencies at 100+ locations
throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia,
North America and South America

"People and relationships are the DNA of Ovation Global DMC. Through our openness, passion and expertise we develop your vision and Make it Happen!"

"Our people are industry veterans who have lived through the dynamic of an ever-changing industry landscape."

Aoife Delaney, Director of Global Sales
Karine Buggy, Director of Global Operations

Caoimhe’s Corner

This quarter, it was all about cultural musings here in Ovation Ireland. With the 100 year anniversary of one of Ireland’s most lauded poets W.B. Yeats, more

Here Come The Girls…

How can one DMC salesman cover North America? The simple answer is he can’t. Well, not effectively anyway. Consequently, how does Ovation Ireland cover North more

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