A Memorable Venue in Panama City

Panama City is a bustling capital with first-class infrastructure and plenty of facilities for MICE events. Its unique position as a land bridge connecting two continents provides the city and country with one of the most diverse and complex ecosystems on the planet. The city boasts a countless number of memorable venues and spaces for your next event.


Biodiversity Museum


Panama venue


The Biodiversity Museum in Panama City joins science and art and explores Panama’s relationship between biodiversity and culture.  The museum houses eight exhibits that tell the story of the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama 3 million years ago. The one-of-a-kind space was designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry who also designed the Guggenheim. The Museum of the Biodiversity in Panama is the only one of this kind in the region and his first foray into Latin America.


The building is distinguished by its variety of colours on the ceiling and walls. Frank Gehry chose green, blue, yellow, red, and orange to represent the varied flora and fauna of Panama. Additionally, the colours represent the indigenous town of the country.


The architecture of the museum also has a deeper meaning and connection to Panama’s biodiversity. The unique roofs represent the leaves of trees in a forest.  Their main function is to minimize heat transmission to the interior and contribute towards efficient energy consumption.


A Unique Venue


panama museum


The Biodiversity Museum is the perfect location to host an event during any season. The space plays a more traditional role as the country’s main natural science museum. However, it also serves as a venue for high-quality international meetings. Clients can host cocktails or gala dinners in one of the many spaces.  In addition to the museum’s unique architecture, it also offers panoramic views of both Panama City and the entrance to the Panama Canal on the Pacific.


Our strategic partners in Panama have hosted countless luxury events with top chefs, catering services, and decor. An event inside the Biodiversity Museum is sure to provide a wow factor to any programme!



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