The Coffee Circuit in Panama

The province of Chiriquí in Panama stands out as a region with a mild climate and thriving agriculture.  The area, also known as, the “Napa Valley of coffee” is home to 33 coffee farms that harvest and produce some of the best coffee in the world. Working alongside the Fundación Circuito del Café, the country wishes to stimulate agro ecotourism in the region and promote the destination on a global scale.


Coffee in Panama


coffee beans


Coffee first arrived on the Panamanian coast in the early 1800s. Locals later realized that the microclimate of the Chiriquí Highlands provided optimal conditions for the coffee to prosper.  Although the country grows a relatively small amount of coffee compared to surrounding destinations, like Brazil, it nonetheless produces some of the world’s best and most expensive coffee.


The Coffee Circuit


The Chiriquí Highlands consists of three main regions with optimal conditions for harvesting coffee beans: Tierra Altas, Renacimiento, and Boquete.


The continuously expanding Coffee Circuit is a network of private and public companies with high-quality tourism experiences. It aims to promote the Chiriquí Coffee Park as an agro-ecotourism destination. The circuit connects 15 farms each offering tastings and tours of their fields and production facilities. Additionally, visitors can enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience in nature with canopy and hiking activities.


In the past year, the Panama Tourism Authority has partnered with the Fundacion Circuito del Café to promote the attractions around the coffee farms and increase the arrival of local and foreign visitors to the region. Together they hope to unite the Panamanian society around the natural and cultural resources of the coffee park and contribute to improving the quality of life of its locals.


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