Eyes on the Hidden Gems

Year after year we see new destinations emerging as top contenders for event planners, as well as some returning favourites. Countries like Italy, Spain, and the USA are always a safe choice to ensure a quality event or incentive. However, with so many unique and fascinating countries worldwide, why limit yourself to just the familiar? There are several destinations that may not necessarily be on your radar for events and incentives, but they should be!


Here is our list of underrated and up-and-coming MICE destinations to keep an eye out for.




Croatia mICE


Over the years, Croatia has slowly started to make its way as a top destination for planners. From its rich culture, untouched nature, and crystal-clear seas, Croatia has it all! Not to mention the impressive palaces, forts, castles, and museums that will turn any special event into a memorable experience.





This northern country is a hidden gem with no shortage of WOW factor elements. In the winter, guests can experience a thrilling snowmobile or husky sleigh ride across the Lappish wilderness while staying in a magical Snow Castle. If this winter wonderland isn’t convincing enough, try discovering the Land of the Midnight Sun in the summer! Nature lovers thrive in Finland during the summer months with endless activities around Helsinki and its National Park.





Jordan: a country bursting with culture and a treasure trove of archaeological sites! This rich and ancient country, once home to Greeks, Romans, Muslims, and Christians, offers a unique cultural and historical experience to any traveller. Planners will love its religious and cultural heritage sites, deluxe hotels, soothing spas, and warm people.





This small island in the Indian Ocean has a lot to offer! Mauritius is a year-round holiday destination with stunning beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Its high-quality tourism infrastructure, exceptional resorts, and multiple meeting and convention facilities make this country a top destination for meetings and incentive programmes.






Panama offers an abundance of opportunities for both business and leisure visitors. No other capital city in the world has such a large variety of world-class attractions and activities nearby. Located in the heart of the Americans, Panama serves as an airline hub with connections from Latin America, USA and Europe. This hidden gem also counts on first world infrastructure, and a variety of hotel and event venues throughout.





 As one of the most diverse countries on the planet, Peru is a dream for event planners. An incentive trip to Peru is one of nature, flavours, and culture. From its ancient history to its diverse landscapes, world-renowned gastronomy, and unprecedented luxury, the country holds all the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable programme. This under-the-radar country will surprise you in the best way possible!




Slovenia hidden gem


Slovenia may be small, but it should be high on the list as a meeting and event destination in Europe! Its modern infrastructure, multifunctional hall spaces, and geographical location between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea give the underrated county a clear advantage. In Slovenia, you’ll find stunning natural landscapes, impressive architecture, and an endless number of lively activities. Take a private stream train journey around the majestic Lake Bled or plan a concert and Gala dinner inside the Postojna Caves.


St. Lucia


 The island of St. Lucia is a tropical paradise! White sandy beaches, majestic pitons, and bubbling springs combine to create a picture-perfect tropical destination for a meeting or incentive group. Not to mention its vibrant calypso music, colourful craft markets, and flavourful cuisine. Experience St Lucia and discover the best of the Caribbean.




 Unspoiled wildlife, diverse culture, and warm hospitality await in Rwanda! Home to 54% of the world’s Mountain Gorilla population, tropical forests, and Africa’s largest fresh lake, the country offers a unique and untamed experience to all travellers. An upcoming destination for conferences and meetings that makes sustainable travel a priority, Rwanda is a contender for sure!


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