Top 8 Reasons why Malta should be on your pitch list in 2020!

In the past few years, The Maltese Islands have experienced a big boost and continue to score high on top MICE destinations. With Valletta being Capital of European Culture and extensive rejuvenation projects across the islands the ancient cities of Malta shine as never before.


The historical harbours are home to beautifully restored forts, offering an impressive backdrop for any event and top hotels of the island have been completely renovated to meet modern travellers requirements. Many old palaces have been revived, offering a trendy boutique hotel scene and unique culinary experiences. Moreover, as big Malta fans, we would say there are endless reasons to place our islands on your pitch list. However, we’ve narrowed it down to 8 top reasons.


Valletta and Gullet

Valletta and Gullet


1. Easy access 


Malta is easily accessible from all major European hubs with short flight distances of 2-3 hours. Besides all the major European Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airlines and Turkish Airlines service The Maltese Islands with daily flights.


2. Don’t waste time


Short distances on the island with an average of 20 minutes.



3. Count on experience & bang on fantastic service


Malta has been a meeting spot for 1000’s of years and has a long history of welcoming people from across the globe to its islands.


4. Your choice. Your taste


Not only have the top hotel chains invested heavily in the islands accommodation & conference infrastructure, but Malta is also experiencing a boom in independent hotels and trendy & unique boutique living. AIt is welcoming the needs & expectations of modern travellers.


5. Foodie Haven


In the past 10 years, Malta has literally reinvented itself, offering amazing food choices and new culinary concepts. Bringing its French, Italian & North African influences to life and blending it with a fantastic modern twist, Malta offers unique & exciting food experiences for all types of food lovers.




6. Extensive choice of new & upcoming sustainable, eco-friendly activities


Endless initiatives & ongoing efforts are being made to offer unique experiences, supporting local communities, sustaining heritage & culture and creating environmental awareness.


7. Fierce Competition


Resulting in great value for money!


8.Isle of Venues


Although tiny in size, Malta offers an amazing choice for all sizes, styles & tastes! From pre-historic temple sites to beach clubs, historic forts, Hollywood film sets, palaces, eco farms and monasteries; the choice is endless and through ongoing investments and restorations, we just keep adding more!




+Bonus reason: over 300 days of sunshine


Their continuous drive, long-lasting relationships in their community and strong supplier relationships, allow our DMC Strategic Partner ECMeetings to give you the Ultimate Malta Experience for your next meeting or incentive to The Maltese Islands.



Find out more about what Malta can offer here .





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