The Best Time in the Year to Visit Mexico City


Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and a truly multicultural, cosmopolitan place to visit. One of the most iconic cities on the continent and the oldest capital; the Aztecs originally founded it as Tenochtitlan in 1325.


So when’s it best to visit Mexico City and experience all of its magnificent places? And how’s the weather throughout the year in this megalopolis? Read on to find out!

overview of Tabacalera neighbourhood and Reforma area


Visit Mexico City During its Many Holidays


As the most populous city in the Americas and the cultural hub of the nation, there is a lot of events throughout the year.


If you visit during public holidays, such as Easter around March and April, you’ll find a city that’s less congested, and easy to move around and explore. As the city with the second most museum after London, dealing with smaller lines to enter these places can be a good thing during this season!


February is also the time of year when Mexicans celebrate Constitution Day, so you’ll also be able to admire the parades. Other small public holidays include Labor Day on May 1st and the celebrations of the Mexican Revolution in November.


A Patriotic September in Mexico’s Capital


In September, Mexicans celebrate their independence, and the whole city is awash with Mexican flags and adornments. Especially relevant, the Zocalo downtown is the place to be for the patriotic festivities. The atmosphere is buzzing, and you can feel the national pride all around. The fireworks tend to be spectacular on the night of September 15th, and the party goes on throughout the night and into the 16th!


This is also the time of year when Mexican cuisine comes to its maximum expression.


Don’t pass up the chance to try the magnificent stuffed pepper called Chile en Nogada, an award-winning delicacy that is only served at this time of year. Other prominent dishes include pozole, enchiladas, and other authentic Mexican specialities. September is a time to celebrate Mexico!

Chicken Enchiladas with mole sauce


Experience a Solemn but Festive Autumn


During late October and early November, the locals celebrate the Day of the Dead, an iconic Mexican celebration of life and death. There are magnificent parades, and people dress up in costumes for the festivities, just like in the film Coco!


It’s a truly unique, unforgettable time of year to be in the city. At this time of year, the rainy season is coming to an end, and the weather is very pleasant; warm during the day, and cooler at night.



Don’t pass up the chance to explore this fabulous place and its surroundings! If you want to know more, please visit our website  



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