8 Creative Ways to WOW in Thailand

Known for its world-class hospitality and a wide variety of venues, Thailand has become an internationally recognised and sought-after Event destination. Its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and flavourful gastronomy attract visitors for both business and leisure year-round. Uncovering the history of Bangkok, teambuilding activities in Chiang Mai, or preserving the Coral Reefs in Pattaya are just some of the programmes available. Discover the best of the country with these 8 creative Thailand routes.


8 Creative Locations to Impress your Attendees in Thailand




bangkok thailand


Thailand’s capital and the country’s largest city is a centre for business and education. With two mayor airports, several large convention centres, and strong infrastructure and facilities, Bangkok is always a contender for hosting meetings and events.


In addition to its famous temples and food markets, travelers can explore the city’s green route. Visit the Bang Nam Peung community and go biking in the suburbs to uncover a new side of Bangkok. This ever-changing city just keeps on giving.


Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai Route Thailand


Focus on sustainability and incorporate CSR into your programme in Chiang Mai. This unique northern city provides a glimpse into the diverse Lanna culture. Teambuilding activities such as the Bodhi tree-sustaining ritual provide an insight into the local culture while helping to preserve the local area.


Khon Kaen



Kho Kaen is the commercial centre of Northeastern Thailand known for its artisanry and handcrafted silks. Groups can join in a silk production tour in Phon District and Chonnabot District. Alternatively, mulberry farming and tie-dye activities are other unique and hands-on activities perfect for an incentive programme.


Nakhon Ratchasima



The creative route in Nakhon Ratchasima starts at Khao Yai National Park. The 2000 square kilometre forest is home to a great number of protected animal species and is one of the most important National Parks in the country. The sustainability journey includes a tour through the nature preserve and its many waterfalls. Afterward, groups can join to produce seedlings for reforestation, and visit a floral park or the Chokchai Dairy Farm.




Pattaya route in Thailand


An incentive route to Pattaya is all about the ocean. Explore the coral reefs of Samae San Island. Here you’ll be able to release fish back into the sea as part of marine life conservation efforts. Afterward, plan activities at the Takian Tai coconut plantation.




Phuket route in Thailand


The island’s pristine beaches and famous festivals attract visitors from across the globe. As an incentive destination, Phuket focuses on local experiences. Explore the town’s historic quarter and fishing community, and taste some of the local produce and culinary specialties of the island.


Surat Thani


surat thani route in thailand


Dive into nature and wellness in Surat Thani. Kayaking and raft tours provide the perfect escape into nature. Or try an art class, yoga class, or a traditional culinary workshop for those looking for rest and relaxation.


Udon Thani




Known for its archaeological wonders, Udon Thani offers a one-of-a-kind cultural experience. Visit the Thai Chinese Cultural Centre or learn about the ancient Khmer civilisation. For a more interactive activity tour an herbal centre or join a local cooking class.


So many choices Thailand has to offer..



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