Stockholm, the Nobel City think BIG

Stockholm is ideal for larger groups



Ovation Sweden DMC has created some nice events for groups between 100 and 1.000 guests.


How about a Nobel Dinner at the Stockholm City Hall, in the same room and with the same menu as the official Nobel Dinner. It is ideal for an award dinner and the evening can be spiced up with classical entertainment, torches upon arrival, red carpet service and actors dressed up in the chosen theme.



Nobel dinner Stockholm

Nobel dinner Stockholm



City walk for 1.000 guests: Ovation has created a city walk, where up to 1.000 guests can walk through the most interesting parts of Stockholm. We visit the old town, the royal castle, the harbour on a self-guided tour with short refreshment stops offering Swedish specialties. There will be podcasts on the interesting spots and branding of the company or the conference. There will be various interactive tasks along the walk, like taking a picture with as many participants as possible and taking a picture with the royal family. It is a great networking city tour, that combines sightseeing and tasting with the soul of Stockholm.



Incentive Stockholm Nobel Dinner

Incentive Stockholm Nobel Dinner


The city walk can end at Gröna Lund, which is the amusement park of Stockholm. For larger groups, we book out the whole place for exclusive use. The guests can enjoy the rides and participate in an entertaining educational programme.


A casual dinner can be organized with various types of Swedish street food inside the park.

Stockholm amusement park

Stockholm amusement park


For a more classical ballroom dinner, the newly renovated Royal Opera can be hired for exclusive use for both conference, dinner and more. The Royal Opera is beautifully located close to the harbour and sets the perfect scene for a gala evening. The musical entertainment will be tailor-made to the guests but the 3 Swedish tenors are often part of the Ovation entertainment programme.


Ovation Sweden DMC will make it happen! Welcome to BIG events in Stockholm. 




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