Experience the Gothenburg Archipelago Safari

Only a short boatride or drive from Gothenburg, you can experience the great Swedish archipelago, which is suitable for Incentive programmes or add on to Congresses in Gothenburg. With its thousands of islands, stretching from Gothenburg in the south to the Koster islands in the north, this is kayaking heaven.




Untouched nature, inviting boathouses, wilderness waters and glassy canals are what you should expect. You can combine with RIB Boats or a ferry from Gothenburg and move across to kayaks to really explore the islands and canals.


We stop at small islands with a lighthouse and go seal spotting. We continue to cray fishing the Swedish way with a local fishing crew and hunt for these delicacies in the pristine, mineral-rich waters off the coast.

Gothenburg Archipelago Safari


At the shore we try the catch with a tasty shellfish buffet, consisting of local lobster, langoustine, oysters, prawns and mussels, that are world-class. The Swedish style of eating with fingers and enjoying a Snaps and a beer with the seafood can be tested as well. Following the lunch, the Sea invites for a fresh dip before the journey continues.


If you prefer more land-based activities, you can do crab-fishing from a pier and bicycle along the coastline. There are many beautiful routes, that can be biked, even for the not so experienced bicyclists.


The programme will end with afternoon coffee at one of the castles in the archipelago followed by a bus transfer back to Gothenburg or an overnight stay in some of the charming villages along the coast. There are charming mid-size hotels suitable for groups.



Ovation Sweden DMC has handled groups from 20 to 200 persons on the Gothenburg Archipelago Safari. Welcome to the real adventure.




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