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Experience Bali like the Balinese do! How? Organize your experience around one of the most traditional days in Bali, and experience the destination from within!




What is Nyepi? If you’ve never been to Bali before, then it’s likely that you’ve never heard of this holiday. It is the most important Balinese Hindu celebration, which marks the turn of the New Year in the Caka Calendar (the Balinese calendar). Nyepi is a silent day that occurs for 24 hours, each year, following the new moon. It is a day of compulsory quietness that is reserved for self-contemplation. Anything that may interfere with that purpose is restricted. In 2022 Nyepi falls on March 3rd.


Nyepi, Silence Day in Bali, is a time of purification prior to the New Year. All of the evil spirits that have been lurking over this island paradise are metaphorically told to pack their bags and scram! This is represented through a series of events that occur leading up to the sacred holiday. The day of silence influences the malevolent spirits into believing that there is no one left on the island; thus, causing them to leave.




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The day before Nyepi is when the action happens! It begins with prayers in the family temples followed by ‘pengrupukan’; where family members clang a series of loud objects (pots, pans, instruments) around their homes/compounds to chase away malevolent spirits. These spirits are represented by the ogoh-ogoh sculptures which will then be paraded, down the streets, from each individual banjar at 3 pm towards town.


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The central location for the largest (and most popular) ogoh-ogoh parade in Ubud is at the soccer field on Monkey Forest Rd. Head there around 5 pm to see the incredible sculptures. Each village is getting more and more competitive every year in the creation of their elaborate monsters. The ogoh-ogoh’s are usually (arrangements may change each year) paraded on the soccer field and then carried down Monkey Forest Road where they ‘compete’ against one another in a simulated fight. This is a sight not to be missed! Children and men from the villages haul the large monsters atop bamboo frames onto their shoulders and walk down the road. After which, they are carried home to be burned in their respective villages.


The following day is Silence Day in Bali. Everyone who resides on the island of Bali at this time needs to respect and follow the rules of Nyepi. You cannot leave your hotel and the airport is closed.


Bali is an amazing destination and has so many hidden gems and wonderful cultural events. We cannot wait to welcome you back!


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