Indonesia’s is now UNESCO World Heritage

On 12 April 2018 the 204th UNESCO Executive Boards Summit held in Paris, France, unanimously recognised Indonesia’s phenomenal natural wonder called the Ciletuh–Pelabuhan Ratu Geopark in the Sukabumi Regency in West Java, as UNESCO Global GEOPARK (UGG).


The Ciletuh-Pelabuhan Ratu Geopark encompasses a total area of about 126,000 hectares. It covers 74 villages, a number of nature reserves and conservation areas including sea turtles conservation areas at Pangumbahan and a Batik Traditional Village at Purwasedar. The area is surrounded by swathes of alluvial plains decorated with fascinating boulders and breathtaking sceneries.


“The proposal was accepted unanimously, meaning that all member countries have agreed to the decision to credit Ciletuh-Pelabuhan Ratu as Unesco Global Geopark” said Dana Budiman, General Manager of the Ciletuh-Pelabuhan Ratu Geopark.


Since early August 2017, the Geopark had been evaluated by a team from UNESCO. Now that it has been officially established as UGG, the Ciletuh-Pelabuhan Ratu covering all its exceptional wonders will definitely emerge as a prime tourist destination.


“The potentials are enormous and its natural splendours complete. We have outstanding landscapes of mountains, waterfalls, rice paddies, rivers, estuaries, and more. And this is why we are doing all possible to develop it so that it may soon boost our local economy” said Dana.



This brings to four Geoparks in Indonesia that have today been accredited as UNESCO Geoparks.

These are:

  • Mt. Batur Geopark in Bali
  • Gunung Sewu Geopark in Yogyakarta and Central Javaregions
  • Mt. Rinjani Geopark on the island of Lombok
  • Ciletuh-Pelabuhan Ratu Geopark

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