Postcard from Norway

The sun is shining and the fjord breeze caresses our skin. In Norway, social distancing has always been a thing, by nature.


People travel here to escape, refresh, energize and get inspired.


What do we want after confinement? Wide, open mesmerizing landscapes, deep breaths of clean fresh air and real meetings, away from all our digital screens… in equally charming as exciting cities, where new ideas grow, far from the hustle and bustle of overpopulated places where everyone races against the clock.


Welcome to an environment that makes you think differently.


Because we’ve learned something now; that balance is important in life, that certain values are worth more than your next deadline and that results are not measured by the ability to perform under pressure. But by how happy you are, as an employee, a boss, a father, a mother, a son or a daughter.


And happiness in the workplace is a direct result of engaging and inspiring conferences or the feeling of being truly valued when you get invited on that once-in-a-lifetime incentive trip to Norway.


Because Norway knows how to find that inner balance and its fjords or northern lights will revive your senses.



Meet the local entrepreneurs who pioneered fully electrical boats, the architects that designed those exquisite buildings of wood and concrete that are entirely self-sufficient, soar down ziplines from Olympic ski jumps, kayak under the northern lights, race cars on ice tracks, ski from mountain top to fjord, get to know a local Michelin chef on a personal level, become a dog runner or arctic explorer in the world’s northernmost city…the list of inspiring experiences are endless and now as accessible as exclusive.


The NOK (Norwegian Krone) is at its lowest in modern times, adding tons of extra value to any international budget.


Add value, add emotions, add inspiration, because the rumours are true; happiness is found in Norway.


Find out more about what Norway can offer here!


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