Penglipuran Village: A Traditional experience in Bali

Penglipuran Village is a traditional village located in the south of the Bangli regency where visitors travel to escape urban life. The local society continues to respect their ancestors and preserve the traditional cultures and teachings in their daily lives.


The architecture of buildings and land processing still follows the concept of Tri Hita Karana, the philosophy of Balinese society regarding the balance of relations between God, humans, and their environment.


Penglipuran Village


The Balinese government began to promote Penglipuran as a tourist destination in 1993. The Penglipuran community applies “community-based-tourism” to avoid tourism capitalism in their village. With this concept, all benefits fund village development instead of going to individuals. Tour guides, ticket guards, and other officers are directly employed by the village and get paid for the amount of profit earned.


Embarking on a village tour is a unique experience to learn about authentic Balinese culture.


Sacred Bamboo Forest


Bali Bamboo


Approximately one hundred meters outside of Penglipuran village, you’ll reach a beautiful 45-hectare bamboo forest by foot or by bicycle. Bamboo from the Penglipuran Village is one of the best bamboos that can be found in Bali.


The Penglipuran Village society believes that the bamboo forest does not grow by itself but rather planted by their ancestors. It’s considered a sacred place and a symbol of the local peoples’ historical roots. As a result, the locals constantly strive to protect the forests and maintain a balance of visitors to preserve the land. In 1995, the Penglipuran Village received a Kalpataru award from the Indonesian Government for its efforts to protect the Bamboo Forest in their local ecosystem.


Stay in a Traditional Home


Bali village house


For those in search of a truly authentic experience, the people of the Penglipuran village have opened their homes to visitors. Travelers can choose to stay in a small-sized, medium-sized home, or a guest house during their stay.


Local Artisanry


The local artisanry tradition is quite prevalent in the Penglipuran village. Bamboo weaved crafts and other woodcrafts are just a few of the items available for sale at local village shops. Additionally, visitors can learn about the production process directly from the craftsmen.


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