Monaco: One of Europe’s Smallest Nations is Going Green

The Principality of Monaco is one of Europe’s smallest nations, and 20% of the country has been reclaimed from the sea. A new reclamation project is underway at Portier Cove, to develop an eco-district for Monaco.


Completion of the offshore extension project to the right of Portier Cove is part of the Principality of Monaco’s urban strategy.  The new strategy has three strands. The first strand is developing programmes on land reserves. Next Monaco aims to rebuild the city by demolishing aging buildings of no heritage value. Finally, it hopes to extend the country into the sea. This latest project will see the creation of a six-hectare eco-friendly district, with strong ambitions on the sustainable development and environmental protection front.


green monaco


The First “Eco-Friendly District” in Monaco


Measures such as real-time monitoring will ensure the construction of this new extension complies with the very demanding environmental specifications. These measures are in place in order to protect the natural environment.


The design and civil engineering for the project have adopted an eco-friendly approach. The goal is to promote the natural environment and colonisation of species. Finally, an environmental monitoring committee of scientists and experts will aim to improve environmental efforts and limit the impact.


40% of consumption in the new district will be powered will by renewable energy. Ocean thermal energy will supply about 80% of heating and cooling consumption. An oceanic thermal energy network will be created to supply this district and the main buildings in the waterfront district of Larvotto. In addition, solar power will supply about 80% of public lighting.


green monaco


The project will seek international certifications, including HQE Aménagement for the eco-friendly district and Breeam for the buildings. Regarding transport, the project will be a significant driver for the promotion of soft mobility. The new district will focus on pedestrians. It will have an electric bike station and a one-kilometre cycle path that will link Portier Cove to the beach resort at Larvotto.


As a country, Monaco will continue to go green and will focus it’s action in four areas: preserving biodiversity, conserving resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pursuing a policy that promotes a sustainable city. We have been taking action on each of these aspects for many years.


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