The Riviera is waiting for you!

Nice Côte d’Azur airport is amongst the first to sign on to the charter put forth by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency to guarantee the health and safety of passengers. And everything is done here to make you feel safe, so when it will be time to travel, you should not miss the Côte d’Azur:


A dream destination



One of the most attractive destinations in the world the French Riviera is irresistible in so many ways: welcoming, business, climate, quality of life… The French Riviera is an exceptional place whose history and heritage are rivaled only by the beauty of its landscapes. People work in a unique natural setting, between the Mediterranean Sea and Alpine summits, in a heavenly climate blessed with 300 days of sunshine per year. The French Riviera’s illustrious past has forged its strong Mediterranean identity. Its architecture, its luminous streets and enchanting accent, its sun-drenched cuisine are all a part of the French Riviera’s unmistakingly southern culture.


Unrivaled attractions



Sports, cultural events, or artistic activities, the possibilities are unlimited and the discoveries have no bounds. You’re on the French Riviera.  Sports throughout the year: 21 golf courses and 15 ski resorts. An unbelievable architectural and artistic heritage, with culture everywhere : 130 museums, two operas, theaters, art galleries, and more! The French Riviera has no shortage of resources. Drive in mythic 2CV Cars to places such as Saint-Tropez or Monaco, not to mention Italy which is just a few miles away.  Architecture and cultural heritage discoveries, visits to gardens, Greek and Roman archaeological sites, meet artists and craftsmen, shop at local markets, enjoy dance, music, opera and much more! The French Riviera is also a shopper’s paradise with every luxury brand from around the world.


Enjoyable stories



The “Château Crémat” is a 15 hectare vineyard located on the hills of Nice, in the heart of the Bellet vineyards. The Castle was built in 1904 based on the Middle Age style which was very trendy during that period. The dominating tower and the Rococo ornaments give a strong and dominant feeling. The Castle has wonderful underground wine cellars in ancient Roman galleries and it produces approximately 22000 bottles each year. When Coco Chanel visited the wine cellar, she noticed the emblem of the castle (two CC), she used it for her own logo, and Château Crémat was no longer allowed to use it outside of their own home.


Simple pleasures, but so important



We can arrange a “Frenchy Day” for you! This unique excursion allows you to experience French traditions such as baking French bread, making cheese and tasting French wines. After creating a fine aperitif, you will enjoy all while enjoying fabulous views! In France you eat & drink first, then you do everything else…


Everything is much nicer when it’s real…



Pleasure may come from illusion, but happiness comes only from reality. Drive old cars and play the local game of boules, whilst enjoying a “Pastis”.


Let’s move closer to nature…



One touch of nature brings people together… and there are many possibilities to explore the region.


And put new colours in your live…



Old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat, sometimes you need a little splash of it…



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