Looking back and ahead: 2021 and 2022

2021 is almost behind us, and what a roller coaster it has been. From worried planners to pent-up demand, back to hesitancy. It is a good time to reflect and to have a look at the destinations that were trending in our global network, plus look at how 2022 is unfolding. Which destinations are in continuous demand, and how is the current situation affecting the way planners choose their event locations. The travel industry is an ever-so-moving target, but data and insights give us a wealth of information. 


Our analytics are based on global data and market insights that shape the projection for 2022.. Ready, set…..


The top 3 Most Popular Global Destinations in 2021


2021 was shaped by destinations that offered more travel flexibility and driven by consumer travel confidence. The knowns and unknowns of outbound and inbound travel were key indicators for the choice of destinations, plus, the listed top 5 destinations were also influenced by domestic requests versus international requests. 



1. Mexico

mexico travel


From the Pacific coast in Los Cabos, through Mexico City towards the popular Caribbean corner of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico is towering as the most requested destinations as a clear #1. Los Cabos and Cancun were amongst the highly rated cities and areas for meetings and incentive events. Neigboring the USA, Mexico is still a stronghold when it comes to easy access, wonderful climate, and stunning natural beauty. The largest incoming groups came from the USA and South America.


2. USA

united states travel


The United States of America. Most Americans haven’t seen everything in their own country, and how could they, with such a huge territory to cover. Domestic requests in the USA have skyrocketed and are still in high demand. With the international travel uncertainty, most companies opt to ‘stay closer to home’. Florida and Arizona were the most popular states visited, due to the lesser amount of restrictions, followed by California. Will the US continue to rank as high in 2022?


3. Italy

italy travel


Always one of Ovation’s top destinations, Italy, is a good third in the number of requests and operated events. Italy has gone through true hardships over the last almost 2 years but gained the third position due to its stamina and truly unique offer. The product Italy is for planners always enticing, ranging from ancient Rome to gorgeous Florence, the amazing lakes in the north, Venice or the incredible coastal towns, to deep in the Tuscany region. Italy is always a contender.



The top 3 Most Popular Global Destinations in 2022


Truth be told, we need to see what will happen during the course of the coming weeks. While our teams are not sitting back of course. International requests have come in starting early June of 2021 and are slowing down due to obvious reasons, but the clear upward trend for international destinations in TECH and MLM sectors is abundant. Let’s see which destinations top the list of 2022 most popular destinations.


1. Germany

Listed in the top 5 last year as well. Planners love Germany. Quaint towns, Roman baths, and medieval castles meet with dynamic and cutting-edge urban centers. You will encounter 5,000 different brands of beer and 300 different kinds of bread. And if you are planning a trip to Bavaria, the Oktoberfest is a German must. Great cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dresden, and Leipzig are at the top of the list for meetings and conferences. Berlin and Munich both stand out as the preferred destinations for meetings and incentive programs.


2. Qatar

Qatar travel 2022


Qatar is almost topping the list, and it would have topped the list if it would only have been about the sheer number of requests the destination received, but we are tracking the group size and scope of the event as well. One of the key reasons is obvious for sports lovers, the World Cup Football is taking place in Qatar in December 2022. Thousand of sports fans will travel to Qatar end of next year, rain or shine. But Qatar should not only be recognized for this global sports event. The enchanting city of Doha, desert safaris and amazing lodging. There is so much to explore!


3. Croatia

croatia travel


Croatia has always been in the minds of planners, but it is slowly becoming a top destination competing with the most popular destinations of all time. To be honest, Croatia has it all. Croatia is known for its rich cultural heritage, unspoilt nature with 1,185 islands and islets, healthy organic cuisinecrystal clear seas, friendly inhabitants and magical atmosphere.



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