Integrating Technology with Culture in Jordan

When the time came to organize activities for visitors, a unique product integrating technology with local culture became a useful tool for event planners in Jordan. The new app is a game that allows visitors to explore the Al Balad (ancient town) of Amman, and upgrades the interaction between tourists and locals.


The new product also impacted travel within Jordan. During the journey, local teams relied on guides to arrive at the following destination. The new app, and navigational aid, helps makes this process easier. It allows people to go from one place to another with the assistance of the locals in downtown.



This new innovative product is a Scavenger Hunt that mainly targets socializing between tourists and the locals as a key to the treasure. It aims to raise awareness about handling the new digital transformation while still maintaining interaction with the local communities.


Setting up the Experience


The local team in Jordan first selected a city that fits the hunt well and has enough historical sites and elderly residents for the pursuit. Hence, Amman was a perfect choice! Then they had to pin locations inside the city as a route to the treasure.


Following the creation of the activities, they established various clues for the hunt. Solving the clues and finding the treasure is the exploration’s primary challenge. Clues were linked to the surrounding environment in order to encourage effort from the visitors and begin a relationship with the available locals in the area.


The Scavenger Hunt



During the scavenger hunt, teams have an objective to reach certain checkpoints within set times. The route will enable them to interact with locals and learn about various things such as Arab medicinal practices, local spices and foods, traditional crafts, and more.


Using an iPhone, iPad, or Android touch screen phone/tablet as a tool, users can navigate their way to the ‘hunt fun hotspots’ in the old city of Salt to reveal a clue or challenge. Once completed they can submit the answer and navigate to the next ’hunt fun hotspot’!


The clock is ticking so visitors are not just competing against the other teams but also against the clock! Not to mention that each hunt includes loads of fun on the way.


Find out more about Jordan here.


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