How to Spend Spring in Portugal

Portugal is definitely much more than its hot beaches and freezing waters. This country, with its vibrant culture, spectacular landscapes, and mild weather blooms in Spring. Spring in Portugal is the perfect time to admire the blossoms and take advantage of all the green spaces. In fact, the Spring months are some of the most popular times for the MICE industry with endless activities and events throughout the country. Plan your next incentive in March, April, or May and discover all those secret locations and activities that usually only local people know.  


Hot Spot: Picnic Crave 


Lisbon is a must-stop when visiting Portugal. The capital is famous for its culture, its people, and its many challenging hills. Lisbon is home to several lush parks and gardens that are worth a visit in the Spring months. Taking advantage of springtime in one of the city’s beautiful parks while enjoying a local picnic is the perfect afternoon activity.  Make your way to Jardim Gulbenkian and bring along a nice basket filled with salada rusa, rissois de camarao, croquetes carne, pasteis de bacalhau, salada fría de bacalhau com grao, fruta, pao rio maior, zumos naturais e chá, queijo, aceitonas. You won´t regret it! 



Get Your Heart Racing: Outdoor craze 


Endless coastlines attract thousands of visitors year after year. Although it may not be ideal beach weather, the coast of Sintra is still worth a visit during the mild Spring months. Furthermore, Sintra offers more than just soft sand and clear waters. The surrounding natural park is home to a variety of wild trails to cater to each person’s desire and ability. Take your team on an outdoor adventure and explore the wild paths of Portugal. 


hiking portugal


Blooming feast: Flower blaze  


If the sound of Spring immediately brings flowers to mind, then the Madeira Flower Festival is a must. In May the capital of the island is overflowing with blooming, fragrant local flowers. The Madeira Flower Festival is a yearly event that includes street performances, parades, concerts, and local food stands. The vibrant festivities welcome thousands of visitors each year to stop to watch the colourful flower parade, purchase some local bouquets at the flower market, or enjoy the many concerts and performances.  



Spring is the perfect time to plan your upcoming event in Portugal! Discover more about Portugal here.


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