Experience Cuba!

What experiences are appropriate for Incentive groups in Cuba? Cuba is becoming a trendy destination and new incentive groups constantly are arriving on the island in this new scenario. Perhaps now the groups are smaller in size but very much enthusiastic about going to an island that has a lot to offer. Havana and Varadero remain the top destinations for incentive groups in Cuba. Both combine city, culture, entertainment, and beach.


Below are four very in-demand activities that let visitors truly experience Cuba. In fact, one of them is exclusively by our team at Enjoy Cuba.


Cuban cocktail classes


experience cuba cocktail class


Mojitos and Cubalibres are two well-known Cuban drinks. When preparing an incentive trip to Cuba, it’s important to know who the best barman is. In an interactive cocktail class, capabilities are tested and everyone must learn to mix all the ingredients with art and passion in order to achieve the perfect flavor.


 Cuban cigar tasting


cuban cigar tasting


Who doesn’t know the famous Cuban cigars? Cuban cigar tasting is an experience not to be missed while on the island. Everything begins with the tobacco creation made by a Cuban twister. The tasting can be done with the cigar by itself or together with some Cuban rum and chocolates. The Cuban masters will guide everyone throughout the process and recommend the best possible pairing.


Salsa classes in Cuba


salsa class


It’s no secret that Cubans love music. Therefore, it is very traditional to wander around the Old Havana quarter and find people dancing at any time during the day. An incentive in Cuba would not be complete without a dance class to learn the basic steps of Cuban salsa. The 1-2 hour class teaches the general dance steps making everyone feel like an expert in Cuban salsa by the end of the session!


Old Havana Hidden Treasure Hunt


old havana


The above activities are the most demanded ones for incentive groups, but we wish to leave you with one more that is exclusive to our partners at Enjoy Cuba!


Small groups are created with the purpose of discovering the hidden treasure in Old Havana. The treasure is a big trunk full of rum bottles, tobacco, hand fans, and island souvenirs. A vintage car will transport the groups to their designated starting places. Each small group will begin in a different place, solving clues and riddles that will take them through the city streets and iconic places in search of the treasure!


Come experience Cuba and book your next incentive trip on the welcoming island. Learn more about Cuba here!

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