Authentic Wildlife in Finnish Lapland

Lapland is the largest northern-most region in Finland. The area is known for its subarctic wilderness, ski resorts, and view of the Northern Lights. Any programme in Finnish Lapland will include exciting snow adventures, relaxing spa treatments, Lappish food and culture, and countless wildlife encounters.

Finnish Lapland


Finnish Lapland Programme:


An incentive in Lapland starts with a special snowmobile transfer to the hotel. The programme is followed by traditional meals overlooking the artic forest, team building activities, ice golf, and ski sessions to name a few. Afterward, give ice sculpting a try or dive into the Finnish culture with a reindeer safari. Finally, end your time in Finnish Lapland with a drink at a snow hotel and a husky dog ride.


The Finnish Lapland Reindeer:


The reindeer is the icon of Finnish Lapland. In fact, there are more reindeer than people, and they play an important role in the indigenous culture of Finland. It isn´t difficult to spot a reindeer while in Lapland. Whether at a Reindeer farm or on the ski slopes, reindeer are seen throughout. Reindeer sleigh rides are also a popular and eco-friendly way to get close to the famed animal.


reindeer finnish lapland


However, for a truly authentic Finnish wilderness experience step into the shoes of a Sámi Reindeer Herder. The Sámi are indigenous reindeer herders of Scandinavia. Unfortunately, there are only a few herders left. Ovation Finland DMC, The Travel Experience, have created a unique and unforgettable journey that allows groups to join a Sámi herder in the fells. With the help of a guide, they need to locate the herder in the frozen tundra on snowmobiles before joining him for work and lunch.


This reindeer safari experience is unlike any other reindeer sleigh ride in the area and can be added to any corporate programme itinerary.


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