Discover the Aurora Cabins, the new hotel trend in Finland

All over Finnish Lapland the big growth area in the last 12 months or so has been in Aurora Cabins. These are self-contained “hotel rooms”, including bed, seating area, and private bathroom, sometimes with own sauna. These wooden cabins have one end with windows and ceiling completely made of heated glass, so guests can enjoy a view of the night sky – and hopefully a display of the Northern Lights – directly from their own bed. 


Hotel trends in Finland


The cabins are each a self-contained unit, and as such can be placed in a range of natural locations. Quality is high – private bathrooms, kettles, minibars and WiFi, like any first class hotel room – and there are enough to cater for groups of various sizes.  It’s a very unique experience – so close to the peace of the Lappish nature, yet with all modern comforts.  


Traditions in Finland


These cabins are particularly useful for those who are looking for something more off-the-beaten-track, natural and authentic in Lapland, away from the crowds. It’s possible to stay in your own comfortable Aurora Cabin, with beautifully designed interiors, directly in the grounds of a remote and traditional Reindeer Farm, where reindeers are freely roaming.  


Here, an additional highlight would be visiting the reindeer herder at work. Nils-Matti, one of the few surviving Sámi reindeer herders, spends 12 hour days out in the fells with his reindeer, as 11 other generations of his family have done before him. Get to meet him and his free-roaming herd with an exclusive journey into the tundra dressed warmly on snowmobile-pulled sledges, starting and ending directly from your Aurora Cabin. Watch up close and help Nils Matti feed his reindeer. During lunch in the wilds, he will tell more about his way of life.


Reindeer farm


Returning to the reindeer farm, you can pop into the family home for a coffee with the owners, take dinner in a traditional wooden kammi hut where food is prepared on an open fire, and then retire for the night to your Aurora Cabin. 


In other locations, there are adjoining Ice bars and Restaurants where guests can taste local Lappish cuisine in a unique snow and ice atmosphere.


Lappish cuisine


A key selling point is that a full range of exciting outdoor activities can be enjoyed directly from the site of the accommodation. Wake up to your team of yelping husky dogs or the revving of snowmobiles and wind down with a traditional sauna and hot tub with a view to the stars.


Yelping Husky dogs


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