Your One Day in Lisbon Itinerary: A foodie perspective

Are you visiting Portugal and you have just one day in Lisbon?


This one-day itinerary will give you some great ideas for some of the best food in Lisbon, and where to get it. Because you can’t leave Lisbon without enjoying an evening of fado. This will guide you to find a fado restaurant to end the day.




Start the day in Lisbon taking the tram (15E, in Plaça do Comercio) to Belem. Once you arrive, stroll through La Rua Vieira Portuense and finish your promenade at Jeronimos Monastery. On the way take a break to have a “Pastéis de Belem” with a coffee. The most famous bakery is in Rua de Belem Nº 84. Fun fact, only 6 people in the world know the recipe of this amazing cake!


Pasteis de belem



Go back to Lisbon and have lunch at “Chapitô a Mesa” (Costa do Castelo 7). Here you can taste the “Prego”. A meat sandwich very common to the locals.

Most places in Lisbon let you choose if you want prego no pão (on bread) or prego no prato (on a plate). The first one can come with mustard or hot sauce, and the other with a side of fries, rice or salad. Both are equally delicious, but if you want an authentic Lisbon street food experience, go for the sandwich.


Prego in Lisbon

photo credit: @gilguimaraes_





After lunch, you take the tram to the “barrio alto” to lose yourself in its streets. End the visit at the viewpoint called “Santa Catarina”. Finalize the afternoon at a top-secret terrace, located on the top of a parking (PARK BAR – Calcada do Combro 58), an unexpected spot that gives you an almost 360º view over the hills, city, monuments and river.



PARK Lisbon





For dinner go to “Palacio Chiado” (Rua do Alecrim 70). It is a fully restored historic palace offering any kind of contemporary food in one of its five restaurants. They work with onsite payment cards and once you leave the restaurant you settle the cost. The restaurant selection caters for all tastes, ranging from traditional charcuterie to healthy food, plus delicious burgers. You can extend the night here, have a cocktail with live music or you can go to the Alfama neighbourhood and have a drink in a typical Casa de Fado, listening to traditional Portuguese music.


Bacalhau do Molho – Casa de Fafo




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