Why Choose Saint Lucia?

The Helen of The West – SAINT LUCIA


Saint Lucia’s history is like a rich tapestry in which the fascinating patterns of its story are woven to present an intriguing historical and cultural Caribbean Island.


Over her recorded history, the island has been a melting pot of various peoples and cultures, European, English, African, and Indian creating a multifaceted space that provides its visitors opportunities of fulfillment in diverse forms. In many ways, it provides portals to a New World with a strong sense of heritage and cultural identity which its people vigorously celebrate to this day.


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We invite you to immerse yourself in The Saint Lucian Story, through her colorful history of European military conflicts, seven times French and seven times British, her multiple colonial pasts, her embrace and hospitality of her people, and the experience of her deeply held customs.


A Diverse Island


Saint Lucia has diverse history, culture, and landscapes that make it an ideal MICE destination. The Island boasts:


  • Easy Air Access from North America, and Europe via the UK
  • Exotic Appeal rooted in her unique history and culture
  • An undulating landscape and rich tropical vegetation
  • Dramatic Palm Fringed Beaches, quiet coves, and anchorages along her coastline
  • Miles of Unspoiled Rainforest and numerous Cascading waterfalls
  • The expression of her history and culture in island-wide events and traditions
  • A Selection of Resorts and Exquisite Dining Options
  • Unparalleled Choice of Activities from laid back and relaxing to Adventurous and High Activity


Saint Lucia is not just another island. Her mountains, rainforest, beaches, and historic sites whisper echoes of her history to all who visit.


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Every cliff and buttress, every pathway and trail, every town and village, every tradition, tells a story about the island. Subsequently revealing the personality and nature of St. Lucia and those who live here. A personality that is exhibited in their lilting languages, quick smiles, ready laughter, and the joy of living.




The answer lies in the totality of experiences offered:


  • The unparallel Beauty of Her Natural Landscape
  • Her Rich History and Cultural Heritage
  • Unique Attractions and Activities
  • Authentic Experiences
  • Themed Dinners
  • Unique Locations & Venues
  • Unique Locations & Venues



st lucia



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