Hosting a Cocoa inspired Event at Project Chocolat

Rabot Hotel is a spellbinding Saint Lucian getaway comprising 25 private eco-lodges, an open-air restaurant, bar, and spa.


rabot hotel st lucia


Set in the lush nature of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a place where the sounds of nature replace the noise of day-to-day life. Stimulating and inspiring relaxation like no other place on earth, the hotel overlooks the island’s iconic Pitons. The hotel reconnects guests with nature by way of open-air architecture and sustainable earthy materials – it is our Saint Lucian idyll.


Awaken your senses at Rabot with the breath-taking natural beauty and abundance of the rainforest. Watch the sunset over the beautiful Petit Pitons from their contemporary Rabot Restaurant and bar. Enjoy the cocoa-infused cuisine with one of their signature chocolate cocktails or take in the surrounding beauty from the blissfulness of the infinity pool.


cocoa event project chocolat


Chocolate Making Experience 


A British Cocoa Grower and Chocolatier par excellence has established Project Chocolat right here in St. Lucia. The company is internationally known to “Chocolate connoisseurs.” It produces the best quality chocolates made from delicious fresh cocoa beans with a “unique – one of a kind flavor”.


Upon arrival you are welcomed with a Cocoa flavored cocktail and before you dive into an immersive chocolate-making experience to create your very own chocolate bar.


cocoa event

chocolate making st lucia


Guests will walk through the estate’s cocoa groves to select ripe cocoa pods. They will then experience the cocoa harvest from the tree and finally craft their own chocolate bar. The tour will take attendees through all the fascinating stages from the cocoa seedling nursery, fermenting room, and sun-drying station to grinding, mixing, and tasting!


cocoa chocolat project


Local Cuisine  


While the chocolates cool in the refrigerator, you can enjoy a Caribbean dinner at the Rabot Market.


Furthermore, wooden farm tables and Mahogany Chiavari Chairs enhance the overall experience. Tropical Centerpieces and Gold Plate Chargers create the perfect atmosphere to dine beneath the stars at this awe-inspiring location.


Taste the sweet and savoury nature of cocoa explored together with the superb local produce found in Saint Lucia. There is a huge array of fresh fish and seafood. Lastly, you´ll find delicate salad, vegetables, and plentiful fruit on the estate.  A true authentic island experience.


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