Savouring the Culinary flavours of Saint Lucia

This article is written by our fantastic Strategic Partner in Saint Lucia, Barefoot Holidays. 


There is always something unique happening on Saint Lucia!


Activities like the weekly Street Party, the Creole Festival and vibrant Music Festivals are among a selection of  Exceptional Heritage Experiences on the island.


We are always excited to share one of our favourite experiences with participants from our many groups. Savouring the Culinary flavours of the island is one of the many highlights of visiting Saint Lucia.



These flavours reflect a creolization of world cuisine, due in part to the numerous people who originally inhabited the island and influenced its heritage and rich culture.


The island’s primary influences are that of the British, French, East Indian, European and African, each of which has made their way into the cuisine. From rich creole flavours to curries, to the flavorful codfish, to Green Bananas and to one the world’s best chocolates, they are all prepared right here on St. Lucia.


A Dining Experience offers an opportunity to choose from casual beachside dining, elegant restaurants, 5-star gourmet wine-paired dinners on a platform atop crashing waves or in a wine cellar. Make your very own Chocolate bar and enjoy a chocolate-flavoured cuisine, are all experiences which are offered by Barefoot Holidays Saint Lucia.



The island’s cuisine is legendary and our ‘Top Chefs’, Chef Nina Compton of Compere Lapin now based in New Orleans, Chef Shorne Benjamin who dared to beat Iron Chef and global sensation Chef Bobby Flay, Chef Orlando Satchell a Top Caribbean Chef known for eclectic flavours whose vision is to bring Caribbean cuisine to International Recognition and Chef Pascal, a multi-award winner both locally, in the Caribbean Region and beyond are world-renowned and are all close friends of Barefoot Holidays St. Lucia.


A taste of the St. Lucia Spice Rum during this experience is an added highlight as Saint Lucian rum enjoys well-deserved recognition from rum enthusiasts all over the world and the island hosts several rum-themed festivals each year. The local distillery, St.Lucia Distillers earned the distinguished title “ Distillery of the Year’ at the 2017 World Spirit Awards


Our ‘Flavors of St. Lucia’ Culinary  Excursion offers the opportunity to meet one of the island’s culinary giants, to learn to Cook and Savor a selection of the island’s favourite dishes as well as the local Rum.


An ideal and memorable experience for all participants.


Contact us and find out more about what Saint Lucia can offer here 


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