The O Interview – André Wiringa, CXO at Performance Solutions

André Wiringa

Ovation Global DMC had the pleasure to meet André Wiringa, Chief Experience Officer at Performance Solutions.

André is crazy about game changing, steward leadership, engagement and (customer) experience that turns co-workers and customers into Raving Fans. It is his passion to guide organizations, leaders and teams on their way to lasting change, sustainable impact and more relevance.


This inspired him to transform his own company. The simple focus: ‘Transforming business into consistently memorable experiences.’ prompted André to develop the philosophy of reverse thinking and engineering, as explained in detail in his book “START REVERSE”.




What is your professional background?

I hold a BSc and MSc degree in Hospitality Management. And have worked for Holiday Inn Hotels EMEA, Marriott Hotels Florida, Hilton NYC and KC and was Deputy GM for the first Crowne Plaza in Europe (in Amsterdam ’87).


How did you get into the business/the role you’re in today?

I have been part of 4 hotel opening teams and started to like the building work a lot. During my Masters I focused on Organisation Development and HR Development. Together with my Marketing Degree (Nima B) and my operational+commercial background in Hospitality I grew into a role where I am bringing the worlds of OF/HRD, Brand and Operations together.


And now…walk us through your “typical” day!

I would rather talk about my ‘typical’ week: 2-3 days of traveling and workshop facilitation – I am involved in the kick-off of several internal strategic and leadership transformations. 1 day internal meetings with my Team Coaches and Leadership Team. 1 day preparation, business development and working on strategy evolution for my company.


Did you have any mentors or people who deeply influenced your career?

Michael Johnston with his vision on context development, Cliff Crosbie with his unique Retail vision and Michael Levie with his vision on leadership development.


What are the challenges faced by professionals from your industry today?

How to keep up with the pace of digital transformation in a time where customer expectations go faster than most providers can offer Economic fluctuations (global and regional) War on talent.


What is the recommendation you would like to give to the younger generations interested in following your path?

Start agile in every aspect.


What is the best thing about working for your company/organisation?

Ample of growth opportunities if you develop strong personal leadership.


What is your favourite destination and why?

Wherever people are friendly, the weather warm, the air balmy, nature breathtaking and culture at your fingertips 🙂


Proudest moments in your career to date?

The development of transformational philosophy and approach, as captured in my book START REVERSE which came out in 2017. The production of two transformational videos: Experience STARs (2017) and EPIC (2018). The involvement in development of cool new brands and concepts, such as citizenM Hotels, Radisson Red, Me and All and Rove Hotels. Guiding transformational journeys for leading brands such as Bose, Calvin Klein, Tommy, IKEA, Adidas, Nike, Nokia, Microsoft, Accor Hotels, Schiphol Group, Nespresso and many more.


Professional that you admire and why?

Richard Branson, who is happily sharing his insights and experience with the world


Favourite book?

Authenticity by Pine and Gilmore


What did you want to become when you were a kid?

A Hotel (General) Manager.


What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

Strategic options and new business opportunities.


Favourite band(s)?

Buddha Bar, Coldplay, Chainsmokers.


Favourite brand(s)?

Tesla, LUSHAdidas, Nike, NespressoApple.


TV series you are hooked on?

La Casa de Papel, Shooter, Blacklist, 24, Prison Break


Thank you Andre for sharing with us so many interesting facts about your life, we can’t wait to read your book now!


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