Rutger Hoorn moves to New York to lead fast-growing US market

Rutger Hoorn

We are pleased to announce that Rutger Hoorn, our Vice President of Global Sales, recently moved overseas to New York to further develop one of the key source markets of Ovation Global DMC.




Before leaving the old continent, he met us for a short chat. Everyone is eager to learn more about his relocation.






Rutger, what motivated your relocation to the United States?


According to PR Newswire, the global MICE industry was valued at $752 billion in 2016. Additionally, it is projected to reach $1,245 billion in 2023. These are impressive figures which are deeply affecting our business activities. Ovation Global DMC has been focusing on the US as source market for a quite some years now. We think that it is time to strategically push our brand further. The US generates the highest revenue in the Global MICE industry. Moreover, the incentive segment is projected to witness highest growth. It is more than logical to have a key team on the ground in the US to strengthen the ties with our local customers.


What is the main focus in New York?


Ovation DMC is strategically located in New York to facilitate the fast-growing US market. With the addition of a US-based team, we will be able to communicate more effectively and efficiently with our customers. It will be easier for Ovation to conduct face-to-face meetings, make frequent onsite visits, and exhibit at key industry events.


What message is Ovation Global DMC sending to the MICE industry?

Undoubtedly, this relocation sends a clear message to the industry that proximity matters. With over 100 destinations (wholly owned offices and strategic partners) Ovation Global DMC is now setting the pace of the DMC market worldwide. Ovation is the only Global DMC with such a vast amount of centrally owned Ovation offices. In addition, by showcasing this within the US we are able to serve our local customers with a strong portfolio.



Professionally a great challenge, but from moving from Switzerland to New York is also interesting, isn’t it?

After 9 years in Barcelona working for the Ovation brand, plus another 5 years in Switzerland, it is difficult to sit still in such an exciting industry. Nevertheless, moving a family with three small children from a small Swiss village to ‘the concrete jungle’, is indeed interesting, to say the least. A great experience for us all, and the little ones will adapt swiftly, I am certain of it.



Thank you Rutger for answering our questions, wishing you all the best in New York!

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