Sri Lanka, the Island of jewels

We bet you never realized that the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka, apart for its reputation for tea, is also equally known for its Sapphires, Amethyst and other precious stones, crafted from natural rock formations that are millions of years old.



Sri Lanka has been making waves in the jewellery industry from an early age. Some of the rare gems even adorn the rings and crowns of Royalty and others are owned by some of the wealthiest precious stone collectors the world over. Among the most notable, is the Black Prince Spinel exhibited at the Tower of London. The 12 carrots blue sapphire ring that Lady Diana wore on her engagement came from Sri Lanka. It is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton.


In the Chronicles of “Mahavamsa”, Sri Lanka was also known as “Ratna Dupa” (Island of jewels) in ancient times. Current day Ratnapura earned the name gem city owing to the variety of gems mined here. In 1998 a giant 856 carrot blue sapphire found in this City is said to be the largest blue sapphire in the world during that period.


Sri Lanka, which has unearthed fabulous rubies and sapphires of all hues in blue, white, pink and yellow, is also renowned for its art of gem cutting, polishing and mounting exquisite designs. Historically the ancient Kings of this Island have all been proud owners of precious stones which have been used in swords and daggers to bring them good luck and protection. The country is steeped in mystical and mythological beliefs, and local astrologers then and now offer healing rings in varied shapes and sizes even in the form of a cobra that is believed to ward off evil and bring good fortune.




While Sri Lanka has a world-wide reputation for tea and spices, so are the precious stones that are in constant demand. There is much to see, enjoy and learn while visiting Sri Lanka, such as a trip to the moonstone mine in the South of the country. One could also join a jewellery making class up in the hills of central Kandy. You could also order your custom made designs from our expert craftsmen, that could be the envy of your friends and relatives!


Enjoy all this and more while our hospitality Industry offers you exotic hotels to stay and relax while experiencing the magic of this bountiful Country. 



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