Slovenia, a green and healthy Detox Destination

Slovenia is known as the first sustainable country in the world! 


Yearly growth of wellness market in recent years, is getting higher and higher, especially in Europe, where increase and diversity in the offer became commonly acceptable and wanted. 


A lot of spa centres, glamping style accommodations and similar trends started to be popular in Slovenia as well, especially because the country is known as a boutique, green and healthy and most of all, known as a first sustainable country in the world! 



Slovenia Detox



The constant ringing of the phone, the flood of electronic messages and other information that is getting in the way in our lives, is everywhere. Slovenia is a perfect escape for a digital detox and spending your time in nature and relaxed. Where phones replace bird singing, where beautiful images of natural beauty wake you up and where you can enjoy in the cosy environment of the local lifestyle. 


Take time and replace your electronic devices for rafting, bicycle or any other sports activities in the Alpine region and let you dive in adventure and air above the mountainous landscape. You can take a chance to sleep in glamping style houses or trendy chalets – Stylishly equipped on the slopes of the forest, with an open view of the Alps, offers comfortable accommodation in a beautiful area.  



Slovenia Detox



We present you our new two possible accommodations to fully enhance your stay – Garden VillageSleeping in a tree lodge is something that will bring your childhood dreams back. Slovene wood and traditional construction will connect you with nature and offer endless comfort. Garden Village is located near Lake Bled – Slovenian Alpine jewel, to truly embrace the beautiful nature and make the stay magical. 






Another amazing accommodation can be offered in Vila Planinka. Each room is unique and custom-made. In order to avoid disturbances of pleasant energies, rooms are equipped without electronic devices, wireless internet is only available in the lobby. Planinka is a step back to a carefree pleasure closer to nature. Such chalets and glamping are an excellent starting point for walks and road cycling, to pastures where there are treasures of medicinal herbs 



Vila Planinka



There are a lot of possibilities to spend your business days in a nice environment and experience conference in a different style and set up as usual. Spend your meetings in Nordic centre Planica, where Slovenia became one of the most important sports destinations, thanks to ski jumps and flying hill, that was constructed in 1934. In this memorable location, you will be part of sports history and many sports records, with a special view. There are many possible options to relax, after a long day of conference. Explore Zelenci area or the sparkling water of Nadiža or Peričnik waterfall. 



Garden Village



To continue your journey of digital detox, step on the Adriatic part of the country and breathe in the salty air and fresh breeze from the sea. Let the sun caress you, while you let yourself be lost between narrow streets, Venetian architecture and soak in the historical background of all the magnificent minds that were wandering on the same paths. To enhance your stay on the Slovenian Coast, there is a possibility to have a detox meeting with increased team connection in the middle of the Salt fields. Salt is a very important heritage on the coast, especially salt fields Sečovlje, which is also Nature reserve and only active salt production.  Enjoy in the light breeze and birds signing while having discussions with your colleagues 



For full programmes to suit your group and budget in Slovenia, please contact Ovation Slovenia DMC 




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