El Zanjón, a unique experience in Buenos Aires

Get to know better El Zanjón, a unique experience in Buenos Aires


Tunnels and mystery, a trip that transports you to the origins of the city.


El Zanjón is the most important archaeological site in Buenos Aires and it is believed that it is where the first settlement of the city was located in 1536.



Archaeological site in Buenos Aires


First experience: “The Patios”


When we get inside this venue, we get automatically transported into the remains of an 1830’s mansion that belonged to a wealthy family which had many slaves as servants until 1860. When the Yellow Fever attacked the city in 1871, the building was abandoned by the family and it turned into a conventillo (tenement) by 1890.


In 1985 it was converted into the main entrance of this amazing archaeological site.


In our events, tango music plays in the back and tango dancers go with a welcome cocktail to invite the visitors to the next experience.


Venue in Argentina


Second experience: “The tunnels”


After a few minutes of walking and go down one floor, we got lost into the spectacular vaulted brick tunnels. These tunnels are located where the “Tercero del Sur” river used to be.


Nowadays, lights and sounds show appears to surprise our visitors, as it transports us to the past with an antique off-spoken Spanish and tango music. It is incredible to walk through these tunnels and feel as if you were living the past.


Brick tunnels


Third experience: “El Puente”


The main meeting room is located at “El Puente”, which in old times used to be a milking yard, a tenement, a dairy and a parking lot.


Now it is used as an event venue that allocates up to 500 people as a dinner setup. A spectacular tango show compares the different stages of tango, danced by four couples of performers as it was danced through all the 20th Century (1900, 1930, 1960 and 1990). The show ends with the appearance of Evita Peron, who was the First Lady of Argentina who fought for women’s suffrage and improved the lives of the poor people.


Main meeting room


El Zanjón is a sophisticated architectural frame of the past, the present and the future converges together, where poetry, history and myth can be fully enjoyed in every corner.



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