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We at Ovation South Africa DMC have observed climate change over the last 20 years of our operations in Southern Africa. We decided a long time ago to not only “go green”, but to be more sustainable and responsible.


Water is a major challenge in Africa, a challenge showcased by the recent Cape Town drought, one of history’s worst water crises. This drought had a major effect on the economy, particularly the Agriculture and Tourism sectors. Due to the dedication of all Capetonians to change the way they view water, Cape Town is now a worldwide case-study around water preservation and creative approaches to save water and having a good time doing it!



On all our incentives now, we’re proud to provide the option (that we strongly encourage!) to use recycled flasks to carry our participants’ water and using big water tanks for refills all along our itineraries, to give just one example.


Water also means we’re able to have a lot of fun activities that are naturally linked to respecting the environment… from canoeing with penguins to shark cage diving with marine biologist or even electric boats for river trips equipped with solar panels, we always look for new ways to develop our activity portfolio but with a true positive and constructive impact for Mother Nature. Being based in the Mother City, it makes sense right?!


Last but not least, we build programs around some of the most amazing wet areas of Africa, like the Okavango delta and the Great Victoria falls, which has recorded its highest flows in a decade. Impressive wet experiences that we want to continually promote but more than anything preserve for future generations!



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