Fun tips to travel more responsibly

With summer tapping on our doors, we are surely eager to welcome it with open arms with lots of plans of places to go, things to do and people to see.


Whether you’re planning to dive in the Red Sea, cycle through India, a safari in Kenya, a romantic getaway in Venice or a crazy party in Ibiza, one thing we should all be aware of, in our summer adventures though, is that we have an impact on the environment of the places we visit, the local people we interact with and the impact of the things and activities we choose to do.


Responsible travel…while it sounds very serious and nothing close to fun, we’re here to show you that it gives way to more authentic and memorable experiences. With that, we’re excited to share with you 3 fun tips to consider on your next adventure to travel more responsibly!



Fun Tip #1: Embark on your carbon-minimized trip

How you travel can have a big carbon footprint. If possible, book direct flights, as they have a lower impact then those with transfers. Did you know you can offset your carbon footprint? By donating to carbon mitigation programs you’ll be helping to offset your footprint through multiple community and environmental programs. Also, why not ? Especially if it’s a midsize city, where everything is close by. You will feel more in touch of the city, get some exercise going and curb those emissions.



Fun Tip #2: Travel like a local

As mentioned in our earlier blog post, localism is fun! It’s authentic, meaningful and makes you relate much more to the people and the city. So how do you travel like a local? Simple. First, eat like a local! I believe we can all agree that, food is at the start of any great story, so let your taste buds lead you through roads untraveled away from the very touristy areas and big restaurant chains into small restaurants in the corners of narrow streets, letting you explore the true vibe of the city, collecting great memories while satisfying your soul (because scientifically speaking food reaches your heart before it does your stomach *wink wink*). Second, read up on local culture and customs to avoid any misunderstandings and to connect more fully with the people you meet over there. Lastly, try booking trips that are organized by local DMCs, they’re the ones to guarantee you the most authentic experience!



Fun Tip #3: Keep it clean

Among the things that can get on the nerves of just about anyone while travelling, is seeing a beach so amazingly beautiful that is littered with all sorts of rubbish and plastics or just a clean privately-owned beach to see its neighboring public one drowning in litter. We are all aware of how plastics stress our environment and our oceans and seas. Good news is that we can do something to curb this phenomenon. Try keeping a small foldable shopping bag with you, so whenever you’re buying something, you can say no to single use plastic bags. If tap water is potable in your destination, then we also recommend bringing your own water bottle to avoid buying countless water bottles on your trip. In short, whenever you can refuse single use plastic, refuse it and whenever you can use reusable items, use them.


With these 3 tips we can see that travelling responsibly is not a set of mundane obligations or a list of boring must-dos, it is about being a conscious traveller and integrating small habits in the way you travel to make your experiences richer and more authentic. In the end, it’s all about progress and small habits are the key to big change.

Now that you’ve learnt how to travel more responsibly, you just have to choose your next destination with Ovation Global DMC!


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