Reconnect and recharge in Costa Rica

After more than 18 months of going through the pandemic, vaccines are giving the world a break and getting us back to some sort of normality. With this comes traveling again! Yes, that feeling of packing your suitcase because you will venture to your next destination, the excitement of traveling to a new location or going back to a place that makes you happy is unmeasurable.


We are tired of being in lockdown, of only having online connections, of missing contact with nature, normal day-to-day surroundings, and human touch. We certainly need all that; all those factors are key to our development and well-being.


This downtime has Costa Rica, a chance to recover, revive our National Parks making sure that our vegetation is richer, fuller, and greener. Our rivers have more water flow than before, so our white-water rafting is now more amazing than how it used to be. The oceans have brought back some of the hidden species that were difficult to see, and this means that diving just got better. The air is lighter and cleaner, so doing ziplines through the jungle just became the new oxygen pump and adrenaline rush, experience the new way we breathe!


costa rica rafting    costa rica safari


All our outdoor spaces have been enhanced and are now more beautiful than ever. Our monkey troops are larger, our bird families are bigger, our fish schools keep growing, and all of that and more is waiting for you to enjoy!


Give yourself, your family, friends, and peers the opportunity to re-connect in the deepest ways. Re-charge your soul and remember what the most important things in life are. Fill your life with unforgettable memories that will make you value even more what you already have. Share the good, the fun, the challenges, and the growth that you will take back with you after an amazing visit.

costa rica zipline    arenal


Whether your trip is for an incentive program or a social event, Costa Rica is ready to welcome you in so many ways. Our protocols are in place, and we are here to take care of you and make it fun every step of the way!


 Let us be your guide and show you what Costa Rica has to offer, and give yourself and your colleagues the best experience you can possibly ask for.


Costa Rica has so much to offer! Learn more here.

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