Mexico, the beginning of a steady comeback


 Mexico has been the ‘outlier’ when it comes to travel during these challenging times. Being one of the first countries to receive the WTTC ‘Safe Travels’ stamp, the country, and especially its top destinations, has provided travel planners with the confidence to make group travel safe, enjoyable and fun on the beautiful beaches Mexico has to offer.  While clearly not back to 2019 numbers, the statistics show a significant rebound for tourism in Mexico.  In turn, this willingness to travel has demonstrated to the M&E industry, that a good percentage of the public is ready to travel now, and has energized the market.




Our Strategic Partner Amstar DMC, celebrating 31 years in business, has been fortunate to have been able to maintain operational teams in all destinations and they began running fully detailed events in September of 2020, due to a diversified portfolio of clients.  In the first 3 months of 2021, Amstar DMC successfully operated 76 programs, 96 site inspections and 2 familiarization trips, mainly in Cancun & Riviera MayaLos Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta.  Based on this early success in the 1st quarter and avoiding any significant setback in the COVID-19 recovery, Amstar remains cautiously optimistic about the future and are forecasting the beginning of a steady comeback.


In addition to the successful “restart” in Mexico, our strategic partner has continued to operate in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St. Martin, and Hawaii. Amstar noticed a clear increase in requests for proposals, and even more telling, many re-activations and confirmed programs. Keeping the industry partners updated about each country’s entry requirements and protocols has been very useful for clients, providing each and everyone with the confidence to make informed decisions on where to suggest upcoming programs.




Throughout the last year, our strategic partner Amstar, remained active and operational in all their destinations and continued to work on future plans, programs and products, preparing with a positive outlook for the return of business. The entire Amstar and Ovation team is ready and eager to provide our award-winning World-Class Destination Services to your upcoming programs.


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