Ovation Aruba DMC, ECODMS, gives back to the local community

The team at ECODMS Aruba, in collaboration with an incentive program, which cancelled due to the pandemic, donated over 50 backpacks with school supplies to two local schools in San Nicolaas, also known as the Sunrise City. Furthermore, the ECODMS team along with the cancelled incentive group donated 20 rocking chairs to elderly homes.


The incentive planner for the program who had many caring participants eager to give back to the local community on the incentive trip, chose “Backpack Delivery” and “Building for the elderly” as part of their CSR teambuilding Activity. This fun and close to the heart activity was supposed to take place at the resort on-property, under the guidance of the team at ECODMS Aruba, but the group had to cancel their program.



Since the backpacks and supplies were already purchased for the CSR activity, the group representative along with ECODMS Aruba still wanted to donate to the community. So, the Aruba team spent their time filling the backpacks with school supplies such as notebooks, colour pencils, pens, pencils, scissors, recyclable water bottle, and much more.


The backpacks were delivered to the schools, Graf Van Zinzendorf and Santa Teresita. The principals gathered the students and allowed them to choose a backpack colour of their choice and the students were very thankful for the gifts and said a prayer in gratitude, together with the Aruba team.



In regards to the “Building for the Elderly” CSR Team building activity, since the chairs were already purchased, and the client wanted to continue their support of the CSR projects, the team at Aruba spent time unpacking, assembling, and delivering the 20 rocking chairs, which provided a great opportunity for team-bonding while contributing to a project that would give back to the local community.


When delivered, the home representatives from SABA, St. Michael Paviljoen, and Cas Marie were present to receive the donations and were extremely happy with the rocking chairs. Each home expressed their gratitude and thoughtfulness of the donations which were truly needed and appreciated.


Donation of chairs


The local team along with the cancelled incentive program participants were very happy that they were able to make this happen and give back to the local community. CSR and collaboration are key to drive community building. Great job!



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