Jerusalem: A city for everybody

Jerusalem: A city for everybody


Jerusalem boasts the emblematic, historical and spiritual sites for Christians, Muslims and Jews. It is a perfect and rare combination of harmony and good interaction between all the elements.


When you visit the Old City do not forget to stop by the Western Wall, the Holy Sepulcher, and the Dome of the Rock. Additionally, then walk by the Via Dolorosa to experience a stunning view from the Mount of Olives. These are definitely the basics you must tick off while you are visiting Jerusalem.



A foodie’s place


Truthfully, Tel Aviv is better known for its gastronomical experience. However, Jerusalem has its own unique culinary offer that fits with the palate of each visitor.


Experience the fresh and local small bites that you can get by visiting the most iconic market Mahane Yehuda. Moreover, the restaurants transform the food of biblical times into an experience. An example of this is the Eucalyptus by Moshe Basson or Machneyuda and Hasadna. This is where Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and other flavors are fused together to create a fascinating, fun, and trendy mix of cuisine.


We should not forget to mention the marvelous rooftop of Notre Dame. It offers a charming atmosphere, and while you eat you can enjoy the amazing views of the Old City.


Activities that mark the difference

We mentioned the basic sites that you must take in to consideration during your visit. However, what about upgrading the experience?


From a healthy bike ride or a Segway tour you can learn more about the buildings and structures of the Old City or the tight neighborhoods just outside of the walls. Walk through the underground tunnels that the Western Wall provides, or  walk on the ramparts of the Old City itself.


By night, treat yourself to a magical and musical show in the Tower of David. The tower uses Optical Illusion Technology that provides virtual reality images giving a multi-sensorial experience, while you are watching the history of Jerusalem or the story of King David.



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