Bahrain, a Pearl on the Persian Gulf

Situated comfortably in the Arabian Gulf, surrounded by the two seas, which give the island paradise its name, Bahrain, is a beautiful tropical country with a rich history, a lustrous present, and a shining future. 






An archipelago of 33 islands, the Kingdom of Bahrain, was known in the region as the hub for natural pearls as merchants from across the world would travel to the island-country and acquire the precious gems obtained from the lush sea beds. Once home to the ancient Dilmun Civilization, Bahrain is also home to two UNESCO inscribed World Heritage Sites which pay homage to the rich history and culture of the country which laid the foundations for this country, and upon which the future generations built the contemporary image of Bahrain.


As Bahrain continues to grow, develop, and evolve, the country has still held on very closely to its heritage, cultural identity, and history-making it one of the most favourable countries to visit in the region, with the city of Manama being selected as the Capital of Arab Tourism 2020. 


From historical sites in Muharraq that take you on a journey through the past to the bustling Manama and beyond that show you the fast-paced future of the Kingdom, Bahrain is a unique destination in the Gulf with so much more to offer than what meets the eye. 



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