Hot trend alert: Rise of midsize cities!

We have recently seen a shift in Spain trends relating to the MICE industry. More and more meeting and event planners are looking at midsize cities to host their plans and programmes.


Many midsize cities have undergone major urban revitalization efforts, from improved infrastructure and transportation links to increased airlift, hotel, and venue capacity.


Things that typically enhance visitor experience. Especially, as rates for hotel rooms, meeting venues, catering, and other expenses increase in larger metropolitan areas, making midsize cities very appealing.


Spain trends

Bilbao, Basque Country



Now aside from cost talk, one feature that is pretty unique to midsize cities that is easily lost in their bigger counterparts is their local vibe that creates authentic and unique experiences to visitors. More so, as midsize cities are smaller, it makes everything a lot more accessible, making them easily explored, their historical areas, downtown centers and other charming corners.


Not to mention the lower carbon footprint from the less need for long haul transportation within these cities. Meeting planners are increasingly emphasizing that creative and local experiences are an important factor for them when they’re sourcing destinations.


Spain trends

Alicante, Costa Blanca

Local Experience


The appealing creative and unique experiences that are abundant in midsize cities feeds directly into the other trend of localism in travelling. Midsize cities still have lots of uncharted territories looking to be explored, as more and more visitors steer away from the main tourist areas and into narrow streets and small corner bars.


Let visitors experience “the life as a local”, it is not only the unique selling point of midsize cities, it also creates a direct contact with the local community, helping the development of its craft, culture, economy and all that is in between.


Between affordability, a lower footprint and a local experience that develops the local communities and economy, while delivering a one of a kind experience to visitors, the rise of this trend has promising effects on all three cornerstones of sustainability: people, planet profit. Here’s to the future of midsize cities, local markets, bike rides and small charming bars and cafes.


Spain trends

Malaga, Costa del Sol


We also invite you to read more about midsize cities in this report by Skift and IMEX.

If you’re looking to choosing your next sustainable destination, check the Global Destination Sustainability Index (The GDS-Index) which is the industry initiative that compares destinations based on their sustainability performance to help you in your choice.

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