In Greta Thunbergs footsteps

Go all-in on sustainability in your Swedish conference or event.


Sweden has a lot of sustainable meeting venues, hotels and restaurants and Gothenburg just became the most sustainable meeting destination in the World.


If your focus is to be climate neutral, then Ovation Sweden DMC is the right partner for you to find the right concept.



Program suggestion


Start the program downtown Stockholm in front of the Swedish parliament, where Greta started her journey. Bicycle through town along the many islands that Stockholm is built on, to end up at Sånga-Säby – a fully climate neutral conference venue. Nice bike paths and countryside roads will get us there. Along the way, we pass Drottningholm Palace, perfect for a cultural stop and lunch at the restaurant and some shopping in the castle gift shop.




The venue Sånga-Säby is beautifully located and activities there could include canoeing, walk and talk and some local Swedish icebreakers that increase the learning and team-building experience of the guests. There can be a programme in the archipelago and downtown Stockholm, where you can experience the development of a city that turns green. All meals en-route and at the venue have organic and climate-neutral options.


Ovation DMC has many years’ experience in organising sustainable events and our sustainability champions will advise on the many ways your event can leave only a sustainable footprint.



Meet Ovation Sweden-Denmark DMC on #IBTMWorld 



Meet Ovation DMC’s Per Ankaer Ovation Stand E25 at IMEX in Barcelona. Stand E25 (Denmark) in Barcelona and get more inspiration on why you should place your next event in Scandinavia and why use Ovation DMC.

For appointments book, a meeting via the IBTM webpage, write or just pass by. You can also win a weekend in Copenhagen-Malmo and participate in our sustainable happy hour on Wednesday 20th November at 18.00.

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