Gotland, the pearl of the Baltics

Gotland has been chosen often in recent years as an unusual and charming incentive destination.


Gotland Island

Gotland Island



An incentive program could include a walk around the 900-year old city walls with mediaeval actors en route. The island of Gotland is very flat and full of charming small villages, which makes bicycling one of the most preferred ways to get around. Ovation can create a self-guided bicycle trip, very suitable for teambuilding programmes. For lunch, a visit to the microbrewery in the city of Visby with tasting of the local produce. Coffee break is done at a local farmhouse with local Gotland delicacies.



Gotland – the movie: famous film instructor Ingmar Bergman lived many summers in his summer house in Faarø and a great activity for groups is to do a movie on Gotland, inspired by Bergman. We will visit the small island he lived on and get inspired. Souvenirs from Gotland includes a glass from a glass blowing factory, where you will also be able to create your own masterpiece.





Dinner can be organised at some of the special restaurants on the island. Firmis is an great location for groups that want to do something out of the ordinary. They have large beautiful ruins that can be the location for those who truly want to create something unique and personal. We work closely with many local performers and artists to ensure that you will get a night to remember!





Welcome to a very special incentive destination – Gotland.





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